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UNESCO and UN Women release guidance to end gender-based violence in education

8 December, 2016   |   Blog, Latest Blog, Updates

8 December 2016   To help end a global phenomenon that affects millions of children, families and communities worldwide, UNESCO and UN Women released a More

ESA commitment

Parliamentarians throw their weight behind the ESA Commitment

6 December, 2016   |   Blog, Latest Blog, Updates

Members of Parliament from Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) came together in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 16 – 17 November, to discuss the landmark 2013 E...

Ministers Meeting

Let’s Step Up and Deliver – Sexuality Education and Services for Young People!

2 November, 2016   |   Blog, Latest Blog, Updates, Videos

Minsters from the region reaffirmed the ESA Commitment during a 2-year progress meeting at the 2016 International AIDS Conference. This reaffirmation was expressed in the ministerial call to action aptly titled Lets Step Up and Deliver! A Ministerial...


Sexuality Education: Who is Responsible? #IGDUg16 is on!

20 October, 2016   |   Blog, Latest Blog, Updates, Videos

On 29th October, Reach a Hand Uganda, will be holding its third annual Intergenerational dialogue. This year’s theme is: Sexuality Education: Who is Responsible? RAHU will is going to engage government, parents, teachers, ...


Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: What Counts for Girls

12 October, 2016   |   Blog, Latest Blog, Updates, Videos

In support of the International Day of the Girl Child – October 11,2016-  see what a senior chief in Malawi is doing to protect the health and wellbeing of girls.  She is doing what truly counts for girls in her chiefdom by annulling child marria...


Being a Young Person

28 July, 2016   |   Blog, Latest Blog, Updates, Videos

As part of efforts to ensure all young people have access to comprehensive, life-skills based sexuality education, UNESCO screened a new video at the 18-July Eastern and Southern Africa Commitment Progress Review Meetin...


Launching two years of progress of the ESA Commitment: How far have we come?

18 July, 2016   |   Blog, Latest Blog, Updates, Videos

In December 2013, ministers of health and education from 20 Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) gathered in Cape Town and endorsed a commitment to work jointly to improve young people’s access to sexuality education and sexual and reproductive health...


“School mothers” in South Sudan are keeping girls in school

15 July, 2016   |   Blog, Country Progress, Latest Blog

Written in collaboration with SAFAIDS and UNESCO as part of efforts to train journalists on comprehensive sexuality education South Sudan has faced decades of conflict, which has been severely detrimental to the lives of millions of young people i...


Namibia pilot project that introduces HIV testing and counselling in schools

14 July, 2016   |   Blog, Country Progress, Latest Blog

Although the HIV prevalence rate amongst young people have declined in recent years, there is still a disproportionate number of young women and girls who are becoming newly infected across the region. HIV testing and counselling (HTC) is key to r...

Youth friendly health service delivery

HIV self-testing kits – a problem or a solution in Eastern and Southern Africa?

13 July, 2016   |   Blog, Latest Blog, Our Voice, Updates

Written by: Tikhala Itaye, President of the Eastern and Southern African region of AfriYAN, co-founder of Her Liberty Namibia, Executive producer of “Don’t kiss and Tell”, a TV drama series on HIV and GBV among young people, and Regional Th...


Young people in the lead for promotion of CSE in Rwanda

12 July, 2016   |   Blog, Latest Blog

As in other parts of Africa, and in the East and Sub Saharan African region in particular, there is increasing concern about teenage pregnancies in Rwanda. Anecdotal information from the media has reported cases of teenage pregnancies in different pa...


The power of poetry

11 July, 2016   |   Blog, Latest Blog

Poetry has a unique power to transcend across generations. It has the ability to speak to readers intimately, giving them deep insight into a writer’s ideas – what they fear or what they hate or love. Benson Kanyi Wairimu, a young man from Kenya,...


How can Africa turn 158 million young people into 158 million opportunities?

11 July, 2016   |   Blog, Latest Blog

Three lessons we have learnt after two years of the ESA Commitment In December 2013 ministers of health and education from 20 Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) gathered in Cape Town and endorsed a commitment to work jointly to improve you...


Join us to mark two years of progress at the International AIDS Conference in Durban!

Please join us in a high level meeting to discuss the progress of the ESA Commitment at the International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.

WHEN: Monday, 18 July 2016, 8:00 - 12:30...


Your voice matters. It is time to be an advocate for change.

15 June, 2016   |   Latest Blog, Our Voice

Written by: Tikhala Itaye, President African Youth and Adolescents Network (AfriYAN), East and Southern Africa Participation of young people is key in achieving the long term vision of ESA Commitment targets. Young people should not be vi...

Comprehensive sexuality education books being handed to the Minister, Dr. John Phiri

New sexuality education books launched to help young people make positive choices about their health and future in Zambia

With the new, nation-wide scale-up of comprehensive sexuality education integrated into primary and secondary schools, Zambia has seen a glaring need for resources to help improve delivery in the classroom. As part of addressing this gap, the Governm...


How one journalist has fought for better health outcomes in South Sudan

19 February, 2016   |   Latest Blog, Our Voice

Written by: Taban Robert Aggrey Juba, South Sudan People tell me that I should leave my current work to find another job that it is less risky – I understand why they worry. People are arrested, tortured and killed every day in South Sudan for ...


Scaling up sexuality education for young people: Namibia hosts dialogue on ground breaking ESA Commitment

A significant number of young people in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) lack comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), an age-appropriate, culturally relevant approach to teaching about sex and relationships by providing accurate, realistic and non-...


Reaching 3,000 communities in Eastern and Southern African with sexual and reproductive health information

21 January, 2016   |   Latest Blog, News

A community plays a significant role in a young person’s life. Whether the community consists of family, a church or school– they are a source of comfort and support; help shape a young person’s values, and inspire them to explore their own ide...


Are you saying that my 12-year old child is ready to test for HIV on their own? #ICASA2015

14 January, 2016   |   Latest Blog, Our Voice

  Written by young guest blogger: Gogontlejang Phaladi Many countries in Eastern and Southern Af...


‘You talk, we listen. We talk, you listen’: Uganda Hosts National Dialogue

On 3rd October 2015, Reach A Hand Uganda held the 2015 Intergenerational Dialogue in Kampala, Uganda. The event emphasized the importance of dialogue between generations in order to better young people’s sexual and reproductive health ri...


Don’t compromise, #CONDOMIZE!

28 December, 2015   |   Latest Blog, Our Voice

Written by: Patrick Mwesigye, Founder/Team Leader Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum & Vice President Africa Youth and Adolescents Network on Population and Development (AfriYAN) Condom. Probably not a new word to you. More l...


Have your say in eradicating HIV and AIDS! Guest blogger Tikhala Itaye shares her thoughts. #ICASA2015

21 December, 2015   |   Latest Blog, Our Voice

Written by: Tikhala Itaye, President of the AfriYAN Eastern and Southern Africa Region ICASA 2015 has officially ended and I am still in awe of what I learned during the sessions about taking ownership in fast-tracking the end of AIDS by ...


Celebrating one year: anniversary of the Girl Child Education Law in Central Equatoria, South Sudan

17 December, 2015   |   Latest Blog, Updates

Written by: Taban Robert Aggrey This December, South Sudan marks the anniversary of a tremendous step forward in empowering adolescents and young women: the Girl Child Education Law in Central Equatoria. It enacts the prohibition of early...


Parents and religious leaders talk sexuality

10 December, 2015   |   Latest Blog, Updates

In many religious communities, the issue of addressing sex and sexuality among young people is a taboo. Many religious leaders and communities have developed significant stigma leading to a deafening silence around issues of sexuality. This makes a...


Youth Led Accountability: Our crucial role as young people in the ESA commitment

8 December, 2015   |   Latest Blog, Our Voice

Written by: Patrick Mwesigye, AfriYAN ESA Vice President About 100 plus vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic young people from across the African continent, gathered at the ICASA 2015 Youth Pre-Conference in Harare - Zimbabwe last week fro...

Youth Friendly Health Care Facility

World AIDS Day: Three ways we can fast-track the end of AIDS by 2030 with the 90-90-90 initiative

1 December, 2015   |   Latest Blog, News

You’ve probably heard the buzz – UNAIDS has launched a global initiative to scale up HIV testing among young people - the 90-90-90 initiative. But what does this mean? This means by 2020, we need to work towards having:

  1. 90% of...


5 recommendations to address young women and girls’ vulnerability to AIDS

Today on December 1st, we mark World Aids Day. Every year this day is aimed at raising awareness around HIV and AIDS. Young people age 10-24 are especially vulnerable to the HIV epidemic – with 430,000 new infections happening every year...


Common Myths about Comprehensive Sexuality Education

26 October, 2015   |   Latest Blog, Videos

Evidence has shown that comprehensive sexuality education that is scientifically accurate, culturally and age-appropriate, gender-sensitive and life skill-based can provide young people with the knowledge, skills and efficacy to make informed decisio...


Eradicating Stigma through the power of media

20 October, 2015   |   Latest Blog, Updates

Written and photos taken by: Taban Robert Aggrey, journalists in Juba, South Sudan 'Stigmatization is one of the leading factors discouraging young people from attending youth friendly health facilities’ said Dr. Victoria Achut, Director for th...


Celebrating International Day of the Girl Child: ESA Commitment to support girls’ rights

Every girl has the right to be empowered to make safe and healthy decisions about their own lives. On October 11, we mark an important day in the year - International Day of the Girl Child. Young girls and women across eastern and southern Africa ...


Highlights from Youth Day 2015 #YPTTakeover

13 August, 2015   |   Blog, Latest Blog, Updates

Yesterday, on August 12, 2015, Young People Today teamed up with three amazing young people from across Eastern and Southern Africa for our first ever Twitter Takeover in honour of International Youth Day. Kevin Karuga, Patrick Mwesigye and Nyasha...


UNESCO celebrates 2 years of progress: reaching millions of Young People with Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Young people remain at the forefront of the AIDS response across Eastern and Southern Africa. Although they are vulnerable to infection, they also have the opportunity to change the discourse of HIV/AIDS prevalence forever. In order for this to happe...


What do you do when leaders are hesitant to implement Sexuality Education?

12 June, 2015   |   Latest Blog, Updates

Lessons learned in Lesotho: The importance of local dialogue in breaking the barriers and stigma surrounding sexuality education Implementing Life Skills Education that incorporates comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) can be a...


UNESCO and the Church in South Sudan help strengthen sexuality education among young people

22 May, 2015   |   Blog, Latest Blog

Faith-based organisations not only provide spiritual guidance to their followers but also are fundamental leaders within their communities, helping shape attitudes and behaviours. In South Sudan, the Church has been steadfast in providing access to a...


Ethiopia and Rwanda share best practices in addressing sexual reproductive health needs for young people

13 April, 2015   |   Latest Blog, Updates

As progress continues towards the ESA Commitment targets, it is crucial that countries are continuously sharing information and learning from one another. UNFPA and UNESCO Rwanda partnered with Girl Hub and the Ministry of Health to host a delegation...

Mona Kaidbey with UNESCO

Changing the prospects for women and girls in Eastern and Southern Africa

During the 59th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women held in New York, UNESCO UNAIDS and UNFPA partnered with YWCA to organise a dialogue between young women, governments and programme experts to strengthen the commitment to the health...


Introducing #YoungPeopleDeserve …

17 March, 2015   |   Blog, Latest Blog, Our Voice

Imagine... Every young African, resilient and informed, making their own decisions, fostering healthy relationships, accessing proper health care and actively participating in their education. Imagine with all this, what they could do for their c...


International Women’s Day: Nellie’s Story

8 March, 2015   |   Latest Blog, Our Voice

There are many challenges facing young women today. One major challenge for women in Eastern and Southern Africa is the lack of basic knowledge of and access to crucial sexual health education and services, including issues related to H...


UNESCO trains journalists on life-saving information for young people in South Sudan

By Taban Robert Aggrey In December, UNESCO in partnership with UNFPA and the South Sudan AIDS Commission, trained over 20 journalists drawn from broadcasting and print media across South Sudan on critical challenges facing young people today. ...


World Radio Day: An innovative way youth take ownership in Mozambique

13 February, 2015   |   Latest Blog, Updates

Radio still remains to be one of the most accessible media tools in the world. It becomes a critical link for young people to access life-saving information about their choices and their future. With the collaboration of Rádio Moçambique (RM), the ...


That’s a wrap! Outtakes from the Pre-Youth Symposium

Over the past three days 173 young people from 28 countries across Africa were brought together at the Pre-Youth Symposium in Lusaka, Zambia, to examine barriers to Adolescent and Youth SHHR Information and Services. The Zambian Ministry of Youth ...


Take a stand on World AIDS Day

1 December, 2014   |   Country Progress, Latest Blog, Our Voice, Photos

Today marks World AIDS Day. Every year, December 1st is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. According to UNICEF there were 2.1 million adolescents (10–19 years) living with HIV in 2013, 8...


Education plays key role in ending teenage pregnancy across Eastern and Southern Africa

Every girl has the right to complete a quality education – however, the realities are that many do not make it through to their graduation. Teenage pregnancy is a significant cause to increased school dropout, with persistently high rates across E...


Workshops held at The National Cultural Festival in Mozambique

Every two years, the Ministry of Culture organizes the National Cultural Festival in the province of Inhambane in Mozambique. The festival hosts domestic and international artists, cultural agents, and practitioners for a weeklong celebration of dive...


Equipping Teachers for Sexuality Education Curriculum

5 October 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of World Teachers’ Day. Education is only as good as its teachers. They are central to ensuring quality education for our future generations. Training our teachers is a top priority, esp...

Director General of Quality promotion and Innovation (MOEST) Omot Okony Olok

South Sudan Ministry of Education prepares integration of sexuality education into curriculum

30 September, 2014   |   Latest Blog, Updates

By Taban Robert Aggrey National Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOEST) has been preparing for the integration of comprehensive sexuality education in the school curriculum. This will be aimed at strengthening HIV prevention and fost...


Preparing Teachers to Close the Knowledge and Skills Gap in Sexuality Education

A regional meeting was held this week to focus on teacher training in comprehensive sexuality education in Eastern and Southern Africa. Countries included in the meetings: Angola, Botswana, Burundi, DRC, Ethiopia, Ken...


Sexuality Education for Youth – Key in Preventing the Spread of HIV in Zambia

Sexuality education and the provision of services for adolescents and young people are at the heart of a recently launched national programme, implemented by the Government of Zambia and supported by UNESCO. The programme, launched in April 2014, ...


Ensuring Impact: Creating Standard Monitoring and Evaluation for Education’s Response to HIV and AIDS

14 August, 2014   |   Blog, Latest Blog

We know education is critical to the prevention of HIV and AIDS across Eastern and Southern Africa – but how do we measure its impact? Last week, August 4-5, 2014, UNESCO and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat hosted a...