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Reaching 3,000 communities in Eastern and Southern African with sexual and reproductive health information

21 January, 2016   |   Latest Blog, News

A community plays a significant role in a young person’s life. Whether the community consists of family, a church or school– they are a source of comfort and support; help shape a young person’s values, and inspire them to explore their own ide...

Youth Friendly Health Care Facility

World AIDS Day: Three ways we can fast-track the end of AIDS by 2030 with the 90-90-90 initiative

1 December, 2015   |   Latest Blog, News

You’ve probably heard the buzz – UNAIDS has launched a global initiative to scale up HIV testing among young people - the 90-90-90 initiative. But what does this mean? This means by 2020, we need to work towards having:

  1. 90% of...


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