Youth literacy rates are up to 74.4% across the country and attendance in primary school is high. However, not many students complete secondary school. Formal schooling offers the nation’s primary approach to comprehensive sexuality education.

Teaching strategies include peer education, school clubs, young people-friendly corners, media, Edu-sports and theatrical events.


Sexual and reproductive health policies have been prioritizing maternal and child health over the years through programs such as « Safe Motherhood.” Policies also prioritize adolescent health and development, increasing prevention of STIs, HIV and AIDS.

Among women and girls age 15-24, HIV prevalence is double as compared to their male counterparts. However, young men report having higher levels of HIV and AIDS knowledge and a higher use of condoms.


Young people centers have been used as an access point for providing health services and family planning to young people. However, they have not been very effective, with many reporting a shortage of health workers.

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L’appel de la Zambie a une action relative au mariage des enfants

Le mariage des enfants demeure un problème répandu à travers la Zambie. Selon le rapport d'enquête sur la démographie et la santé en Zambie de 2007, en moyenne, 42 pour cent des filles seront mariées avant leur 18ème anniversaire. Au début d...


L’Education à la Sexualité pour les Jeunes – Clé de la prevention de la propagation du VIH en Zambie

L'éducation sexuelle et la fourniture de services pour les adolescents et les jeunes sont au cœur de notre programme national lancé récemment et mis en œuvre par le gouvernement de la Zambie et soutenu par l'UNESCO. Le programme, lancé en Av...


Workshops held at The National Cultural Festival in Mozambique

Every two years, the Ministry of Culture organizes the National Cultural Festival in the province of Inhambane in Mozambique. The festival hosts domestic and international artists, cultural agents, and practitioners for a weeklong celebration of dive...

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