Brochure: Talking to your parents

Brochure: Talking to your parents

Adolescence is a time of huge physical, behavioural and emotional changes. Comprehensive sexuality education means getting age-appropriate information about these changes and about sexuality, including: values, attitudes and skills; having relationships; culture and society; human rights and human development; sexual behaviour and sexual and reproductive health.

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Comprehensive Sexuality Education #CSE linked Education and health outcomes need investment in teachers and curriculum integration for effective implementation #NotWithoutCSE #NotWithoutYFS #YouthSRHNOW #AfriyanGA2017 ... See MoreSee Less

#CSE Comprehensive Sexuality Educatuion must be linked to friendly #SRH services. A strong focus on rights and gender = better results #NotWithoutCSE #NotWithoutYFS #YouthSRHNOW ... See MoreSee Less

#Research shows that #CSE Comprehensive Sexuality Education does not lead to early sexual initiation. It delays initiation, reduces sexual partners and SRH risk #NotWithoutCSE #YouthSRHNOW ... See MoreSee Less


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