Launching two years of progress of the ESA Commitment: How far have we come?

  July 18, 2016 9:33 am

In December 2013, ministers of health and education from 20 Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) gathered in Cape Town and endorsed a commitment to work jointly to improve young people’s access to sexuality education and sexual and reproductive health

services. This came to be known as the ESA Commitment.

By the end of 2015, significant progress has been made towards the ESA Commitment targets across a number of countries in the region, thanks to concerted action by governments, civil society, and development partners at national and regional level.

Today, a report has been launched, presenting the progress made after two years of implementation (2013-2015), and proves that with targeted interventions, sound strategies, adequate

resources, and political will, the ESA Commitment targets are attainable.

Read the full report: Fulfilling our promise to young people today (2013-2015) Progress Review




The data presented was obtained and validated through a multi-sectoral country reporting process as stipulated by the respective coordination mechanisms of the ESA Commitment.


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