4 Things You Must Avoid When Making a Car Accident Claim

Accident involving two cars

It is nobody’s wish to be involved in a car accident. Nobody would want to get hurt (or hurt others), pay exorbitant fees, or face a lawsuit (or worse, go to jail) after all. It is just that no matter how careful you are as a driver, there are times when accidents still happen. It could be because another driver is reckless or a pedestrian was in a part of the road where they should not be.

If you have been in a collision, filing for a car accident claim can compensate for all the damages your vehicle has incurred. However, many people might find this process a little complicated to handle, which is why it is important to seek the assistance of a legal council to properly resolve your claims.

Throughout the proceeding, you may suddenly feel an overwhelming feeling, which could make you commit mistakes. This is why to help you stay on track, Feldman & Lee PS suggests consulting an auto accident law firm in Kent or anywhere else to provide you with guidelines on what you should and should never do when making a claim. Below are some of them:

1. Lying or Giving False Information

Never lie or make up a story about your case. There is an equivalent punishment if the court finds out you lied about your statement. In addition, giving false information may completely void and nullify all your claims. There have been cases in which the claims have been overturned due to confusing and misleading information.

2. Blabbering About the Case

Minimize your contact with other people, especially to those involved in your case. If a juror, defense team, or anyone else asks you about the current status of your claim, it is best to direct them to your lawyer so they could answer everything with caution. Even better is to not ever entertain them at all. The less you talk, the less mistake you commit.

3. Posting Everything on Social Media

Person holding a phone with social media appsLimit the amount of things you share and post on social media. The defense team often search through everything, including your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts, to discredit every claim you are making. While your case is still running, try to not mention anything on the cyberworld about it. Once they find anything, they can certainly use it against you.

4. Signing without Reading

Before you agree or decide on signing anything, allow your lawyer to read and review it first. The defense might use the situation to make you agree on terms as it can put you at a disadvantage. This is why aside from reading the document yourself, let your attorney run through it first. They can give you a solid advice if there are changes or demands you want to include on your claim.

If you find yourself in a wreck on the road and would want to make a claim out of it, hiring a skilled lawyer is the key to the success of your case. In addition, keep these things in mind to avoid making any wrong decision that will affect your chances of winning the case.

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