8 Reasons Good Digital Design Matters for Your Business

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COVID-19 has forever changed the business and online world and how they relate to each other. Consumers are spending more time online. A study in Canada revealed that online shopping doubled during the pandemic. It was projected that there would be two billion online shoppers by 2020.

With more businesses going online than ever before, it’s vital to have a digital presence that stands out. There are many factors to having a remarkable online presence, but one of the more important ways is by prioritizing good digital design. Here are eight reasons outstanding visuals are essential for businesses, now more than ever.

1. It establishes brand identity and image.

A good and consistent digital design—from logo to interfaces to data display—establishes your business’ brand identity and image. There’s a reason consumers will always recognize Apple or Coca-Cola from a mile away—these brands have cemented their place in the market with the use of visuals and design.

A skillfully designed logo or emblem can go a long way toward building an instant connection between your business and target demographic. A consistent and cohesive visual identity can boost awareness for your brand.

2. It builds trust.

A well-designed company website or social media presence communicates effort and commitment to nothing less than excellence. If your company’s website design and interface are subpar, visitors and other potential customers won’t stay. If your social media platforms lack cohesion and creativity, it sends the message your company has no clear direction, giving customers no incentive to give your business a chance.

3. It’s one of the primary ways you communicate with your market.

Your business only has one chance to make a good first impression, and design can significantly inform the way your customers will perceive your business. Visual design can communicate ideas in ways that mere words can’t. Make every post count by leading with aesthetically-pleasing graphics and typography.

4. It sets you apart from your competitors.

As the world becomes more dependent on the internet, more companies are moving their businesses online, making it increasingly harder to stand out in a saturated digital landscape. A well-designed online presence can help your business stand out from the competition.

5. It increases engagement and expands your online reach.

Some of the most shared content on the internet are videos, infographics, animation, and memes—all of which require good digital design. If you want your followers and engagement to grow, make sure that your posts have sharing potential. Being viral is not the goal; it’s all about creating posts that resonate with your audience.

6. It keeps customers coming back for more.

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As mentioned above, a well-designed web interface should make things more convenient for your audience. If a website lacks ease of accessibility, customers are more likely to log out. On the other hand, a simple yet excellent interface can give your customers more impetus to keep coming back. Studies show that 30% of online shoppers would rather return to a website they’ve purchased from in the past, so make sure your customers have a positive experience every time.

7. It makes your content more engaging.

A well-written copy can get lost in terrible typography, and a good caption will go nowhere if it comes with a low-effort design or stock photo. Your brand messaging is important, so don’t let it get lost in the medium. Use the medium—digital design and its tools—to get your point across.

Consider enlisting the help of graphic design outsourcing agencies to help you come up with new ideas that are ahead of the trends.

8. It influences consumer behavior and can directly impact sales.

In the era of digital marketing, a stand-out design is vital. It’s no wonder that some of the leading brands in the world are also known for being design leaders.

Design psychology is a crucial tool for influencing consumer behavior. It is the art of combining neuroscience and design to engage audiences. Following certain design rules, it gets audiences to respond in specific ways. Turn to design psychology to influence how customers react to your content.

Good Design Is Worth It

Studies show that investing in good design pays. The cost of design is lower compared to investing in a highly-paid sales team. Most consumers have now come to expect good designs from brands and companies. One can never discount the indispensability of aesthetics and visual appeal in marketing. It can make or break an audience’s perception of a brand. So don’t neglect it, and see how it will affect brand awareness for your business or company.

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