A Guide on Starting your Career as a Truck Driver

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When you want to start your career as an over-the-road driver, you should be fully, and 100% decided. Think about yourself and your family. Would you be able to spend time with them while having this job? The answer is going to be no. Having this work will affect your relationship with your family. To go through this process, you must have a thorough talk on how you can manage both time with family and time for work. After carefully thinking it through and choosing to begin this career, you will have to go over the requirements and procedure on how to be a truck driver. There are local truck driving jobs offered by agencies. They are the best people to go to when you need assistance in following the process.

Read through the guide on how to successfully enter this occupation:


When applying as a truck driver, having your CDL or Commercial Driver’s License is imperative. If you do not have one yet, you may request for one. These are specific conditions for a CDL license. You should be of legal age. Some states may require the age of 18 and some at the age of 21. You should be a US citizen holding an identification card with a picture and evidence of nationality. Evidences may include passports and birth certificate. Physical health is checked to make sure you will not have any problems with your well-being. You should also be able to pass two tests. One is written, and the other one is a driving test.


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To prepare yourself for the two tests, you may enroll in a center who can help take your CDL licensing tests. The knowledge test will most likely include a review of the traffic rules and regulations. It may also question you on the safety procedures while driving. The skill test is more of an inspection of your abilities as a truck driver. You may get the result of your application, and if you passed, you would receive a certificate license as a CDL driver.

Looking for a Job

Once you have passed this, you are now qualified to apply to different truck companies. There are agencies who can help you out to make the process easier and simpler. Their task is to get you hired on your dream job. Location, compensation, and working hours need to be discussed as well. What you need to know are the time and days you can spend with your family. The number of miles and hours on the job should be fully compensated and discussed accordingly.

Having a truck driving job has an advantage in terms of perks you can get while on the road. If you are transporting food products, you might get fortunate because some businesses offer free samples! Since you are going all around the country, you can visit and stop at tourist spots without any charge – unless there’s an entrance fee – and take some pictures as a remembrance that you have been there! There are more privileges in working as a truck driver, but these are just some of the best!

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