Actions that Can Ruin Your Divorce Case

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When dealing with something that can change your life for better or for worse, emotions have the power to influence your decision. This can be true in the case of a breakup or divorce, as your feelings can misguide you into thinking or doing something that you might regret in the future. Many of these actions can offer joy or relief temporarily but bring no benefit in the long-term.

If you want to make your divorce process go smoothly, it is essential to have a divorce attorney by your side. This is to help you during the settlement, protect your rights, and guide your actions. You should also think twice about doing something that will only make you feel better initially, as this has the potential to turn the case against your favor.

Sending a mean text or fighting with your ex on social media

Any angry text or e-mail to your soon-to-be ex-spouse can be used as evidence against you. This is especially true if you try to threaten your partner or say mean/insulting things. The same can also be true for the stuff that you post on social media. Statuses, photos, comments (particularly controversial ones) can cost you essential things, like shared time with your kids.

If you, on the other hand, are the recipient of a nasty remark, resist the temptation to reply any derogatory comment. You can also choose not to reply at all. If it seems like you’re feeling overwhelmed, it is best to talk to a friend or a therapist. If you want to vent, don’t do it on social media.

Creating more drama

No-fault divorce states like Colorado don’t allow you to prove any fault on the part of the other partner (vice versa). This is why it won’t matter that much even if you believe that your spouse is to blame for the breakup. The things that your spouse has done don’t have a bearing on decisions related to support, custody, and alimony unless they negatively affect your and your kids’ well-being.

Divorce is sad and heartbreaking, but you don’t have to make it even more miserable with your actions. Divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs suggest taking the high road and avoiding being too defensive. Even if your spouse is yelling, blaming or finger pointing, don’t do it. Trust and work closely with your lawyer.

Punishing your spouse/public shaming

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The idea of taking revenge seems reasonable if you hate your ex or blame him/her for the divorce. This plan, however, usually backfires, especially if you need to spend thousands of money and a lot of time and effort in exposing all the lies of your spouse. This can also invite more hostility and prompt your ex to take revenge on you.

Public shaming is one form of revenge. Embarrassing your ex or revealing all their secrets will not necessarily cause the court or other people to think that you are the better spouse/parent. Speaking badly about your wife/husband, furthermore, can also cause them to lose their job or business, which can then cause issues associated with alimony and child support.

Don’t let your actions can make the entire process longer, uglier, and more expensive. Consult an experienced divorce attorney to help you navigate the proceedings.

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