Viral Marketing: Reaching the World Through Your Fingertips

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There was a time when marketing was limited to print ads, TV ads, and radio ads. Two of these are so expensive that only big businesses can afford them. TV and radio ads are where you see and hear about products from multimillion companies. At the same time, small businesses with a limited budget settle for print ads. And with a smaller budget or sponsorship, smaller companies print fliers and give them to people.

But when social media entered, the game changed. It became an even playing field. This is where you see advertisements from big restaurants to small home-cooked meals for sale. A big car company can post a brand new SUV for sale. But at that same moment, your neighbor can post his used car for sale. And it might even have more views and inquiries than from the well-known product.

If you put a bit of creativity, you can make a huge buzz out of it. Not only the locals will have their eyes on your product. You can even tap the world market. That is what viral marketing is all about.

It is a strategy where you use social media as a platform for promotion. And then you catch the attention of your followers. They either share your post, repost it, or talk to their circle about it. Just like a virus that can be spread from person to person, it is dubbed “viral marketing.”

No one can deny that viral marketing is a powerful marketing strategy in 2021. It can attract curiosity. Then people who don’t even know each other talk about it by exchanging comments. And when your followers press “share” or “retweet,” your post can reach different parts of the world.

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Advantages of Viral Marketing

1. Unlimited Content

If you choose to be a content creator, the sky is the limit for topics to feature. You can choose some of the more popular topics such as food, pets, and babies. You will get more views if you feature celebrity endorsers. Or just be a man on the street and have them try different street food.

You can also educate your audience on road and transportation safety. Here you can feature topics about cars, motorbikes, or public transportation. You can have one-on-one talks with truck drivers and go for a ride while they drive interstate. Your audience will learn how to avoid accidents or even how to hire a truck accident lawyer if they ever need one. They can also learn about the different laws that protect truck drivers and how their industry helps the economy. And many more topics to discuss.

You can earn good money in many ways: YouTube ads, subscriber views, and client sponsorships. Although YouTube is already filled with content. It is your subscribers and views that will push your content into trending status.

2. Budget-friendly

There is no need to buy media space or TV time; your product catches eyes from low to no cost. Though there are social media platforms that charge for “boost posting.” But it is more affordable than the traditional forms of advertisement.

But if you want to restrict your budget, all you need is a creative mind and a big support group. They will be the ones to share and comment, so it produces a trend. When your post gets viral and makes money, you can treat your support circle to some pizza.

3. Wide Market

When a video or a photo goes viral, it can reach not only your close friends and contacts. If your post is a “public post,” then it has the potential to reach even the international market. If you don’t win the local viewers, then you have the whole world to give you more chances. Expect to interact with people from different countries.  And when you do a live broadcast, there are social media platforms where viewers can send money.

This is not only for celebrities and performers. This is also available for ordinary and private people. What’s good about viral marketing is, despite its reach, it is never invasive. Your viewers have the power to choose between checking out your post or not. But when they get viral, they will happily give time for your post.

Now that viral marketing is available, you now have a fair chance of making it big. Whether you sell something or create video content, all you need is available nearby: a reliable Internet connection, up-to-date gadgets, and creativity. Add boldness, more knowledge, and some luck. You can reach the top and become one of the newest viral sensations the world will ever see.

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