An Accommodating Accommodation: Making Your Rental Property Disability-Friendly

dining area of a rental vacation property

The sad reality about the rental property industry is not all homes are designed to meet the needs of people with disability. Just look through property websites and find which homes can actually accommodate the needs of disabled people.

This is something that many property owners fail to recognize, but it is worth taking note of the fact that there are millions of disabled people in the country. Now, imagine them living in a home that is not suitable for them. You will realize that they find it hard to move around. The ergonomics of the property does not complement them perfectly. This is something that your business may want to address, especially if you know that there are disabled people working in your community.

It is not too late to turn things around. You can always add some functions and modifications that will turn your property into a disability-friendly space. Think of it as a form of investment, too, as additions such as these can help increase your property value. If you are looking for some ways to make this happen, here are some of the things to keep in mind:

Adjust the sizes of the doors

Anticipate that most of your disabled clients will be using wheelchairs and mobility scooters. This is why you should make your doors much wider and bigger. You can use sliding doors so that the entrances can be as wide as possible. But if you think that it may be quite taxing to move sliding doors, you may want to change the hinges of your push door so that it can open wide.

Minimize stairs as much as possible

The entrances should not have stairs. Instead, there should be ramps so that going up will be much easier. Inside your home, there may be stairs that you cannot demolish. If this is not possible, it would be wise to install a wheelchair lift from Salt Lake City providers. Better yet, make sure that there is a room downstairs so that the person will not have to go up and down.

Adjust bathroom configurations

The bathroom is perhaps among the rooms and spaces in the house with a lot of configurations. In this regard, you may want to have a raised toilet. Hand bars should be also installed. When it comes to the sink, it should be low enough for the wheelchair users to reach. Your faucets should be also built for them. Single lever types will do.

Add an easy emergency alarm

smoke detector installed at a home''s ceiling

The unit should also have an alarm system that the disabled person can use to alarm you and their family in case an emergency happens. Go for one that they can carry around or install an alarm that they can easily reach.

Making your home disability-friendly actually provides people with disability with much safer and more comfortable home to live in. Such additions will actually help in increasing the quality of life of these people. Other than that, you have actually increased the resale value of your property, especially if you have worked with reputable suppliers that specialize in modifying homes.

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