Beating the Summer Heat: Office Edition

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Summer is synonymous to beach trips, swimming pools, and parties. But for those working in offices, it can be quite an unbearable time as the summer heat can raise an office’s temperature and humidity to uncomfortable levels, even with a centralized air conditioning or cooling system installed. High humidity and temperature can negatively affect your office’s productivity and mood. So here are ways for you to keep your office and employees cool and comfortable despite the summer heat:

HVAC Tune-Up

Before summer even begins, it’s important to make sure that your office’s air conditioning system is function properly. As such, you should hire an appointment with a mechanical engineer with HVAC maintenance and repair training to tune up your Utah-based office’s cooling system and ensure that it’s on top shape. Your HVAC tune-up should also include cleaning out the ventilation and airways. Having a clean and well-maintained HVAC allows it to cool your office effectively and also prevent it from breaking down in the middle of operations – which could be catastrophic in the middle of summer.

Optimize Lighting and Equipment

Lights around your office can contribute both to heat and energy costs. So make sure that you only work with necessary lighting. Opting for “natural light” to save energy by opening the blinds might be more costly as it can raise the ambient temperature in your office, and your cooling system would have to work harder to keep the air cool. Likewise, you should also make sure to turn off any other machinery or office equipment that aren’t in use as they can and will generate heat.

Get A Dehumidifier

Summertime doesn’t only raise the temperature but also causes humidity levels to skyrocket. High humidity can make your office feel uncomfortable by making the air feel stuffy and harder to breathe, as well as making people’s skin feel sticky. High humidity can also cause allergens such as molds, dust mites, and bacteria to thrive. So getting a humidifier or having an HVAC system that has a built-in humidity control would be a good idea to prevent discomfort and allergies.

Hydration is Key

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Always make sure that everyone in the office is hydrated, especially during the summer. Everyone knows that water plays a huge part in one’s health, but studies have shown being dehydrated by at least a 1% drop in hydration could affect an employee’s productivity by 12%. With the summer heat, employees are more likely to sweat and dehydrate quickly, so it’s important to provide access to cool, potable water through water bottle systems, water purification systems, or water coolers at the office.


Summertime can be uncomfortable for your office, but with these simple tips and recommendations, it doesn’t have to be. So make sure that your office is prepared before summer arrives that way you’d have enough time to fix any issues that might arise (such as HVAC repairs or installing water coolers) and ensure that your office and workforce are in tip-top shape to beat the summer heat.

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