Believe in Yourself: Signs that You’re Doing Better than You Think You Are

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The world has an unhealthy obsession with success. Achieving it seems to be all about money and fame, although it is just right to acknowledge that you can define your success. More than this, achieving “success” is a road full of challenges, and it can even stress you in the process.

You might have the impression that you are not successful or that you are not quite there yet. But some things will tell you that you are doing better than you think you are in life. Acknowledging these signs will not only reassure you, but it will also inspire you to do better and work harder toward your goals.

Below are some indicators that you’re just fine:

You are responsible

You have wrapped your head around the idea that you are the pilot of your ship or plane. And this belief gives you that sense of responsibility – that you are responsible for your happiness. You understand completely that your future lies in your hands, which is why you do things that benefit you. You pay your bills. You invest in the right material things. You repay your title loans. You let go of the toxic people in your life. All these things mean that you are a responsible person.

You have goals

They might not be the grandest goals in life, but you have some that keep you going. It’s either you want to be promoted at work or visit a destination that you have been dreaming of. Whatever these goals are, you must acknowledge the help they provide. They give you a sense of purpose. They provide you with something that you can look forward to. They keep you busy. And in this context, you are actually doing better than you think you are.

You have treasured social connections


At some point in your life, toxic and negative people have become part of your social circles. And usually, these are the people that damage you emotionally and mentally. Because you’re strong, you have learned to stay away from them. And now what remains is a group of trustworthy people who might be your family or friends. Ultimately, you have realized that it’s not the number of people who will stay in your life – but the quality of relationships that you are building with them.

You have changed

You are not the best person out there. And in the past, you might have done something you’re not particularly proud of. The challenges that you have faced in the past have shaped you into the person that you are now. You’ve become better, stronger, and more reliable. You have learned to pick yourself up after soul-crushing challenges.

Be happy!

Living is not just about achieving success that has been conventionally defined for you. It is also all about learning and improving one’s self. You might think that you’re just an average person right now, but in reality, you’re doing better than you really are. And who says it’s terrible to be an ordinary person?

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