COVID-19 Hacks: Three Small Steps, One Active Lifestyle

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Many people find themselves in the same predicament every year: they promise to get fit and start a new fitness regimen, only to find themselves back to their old couch potato habits a few weeks after their first visit to the gym. But the pandemic has made it clear that if we want to survive and boost our immunity against the virus, we have to change the way we live and eat.

Those at the mercy of the virus are people with weakened immune systems, such as the elderly and those with chronic illnesses. The threat has become more palpable with the evolution of other virus variants that might be more virulent than the first variant.

The good news is you could do a lifestyle change in increments. Change one thing every week, and make it a habit. Doing so will make it more likely that you will stick to your new routine. From there you could move on to bigger and more challenging lifestyle changes. Here are small steps that you could do to change your life in small steps.

Widen Your Social Circle

First in line is expanding your circle of friends. It may not sound like much. You may even ask what’s a wider social life got to do with an active lifestyle? But before you raise your hand in protest, think about it. When your social life increases, an active lifestyle is bound to follow. Certainly, it beats putting your digits on the smartphone while on the couch for days on end. ;

Even better, there are ways you can widen your circle in a heartbeat. Here are some: ;

  • Get Back to Your Favorite Sport – It doesn’t matter if it’s table tennis or bowling, a sport not only widens your social reach but also gives you a better shot at staying fit and fabulous.
  • Enlist to be a Volunteer – When you volunteer for a cause, be it to feed street children or clean up public places, you get your body to work. Again, you meet people and stay active at the same time.
  • Enroll in a Dance Class – Dancing is another way to stay fit. What’s more, you get to meet new friends. Don’t worry, with COVID-19 still in circulation, you can always do it via Zoom. Yes, the virtual world can help you. You get a guide and connect with people of similar interests.

Drink More Water

You may not think of water as part of a healthy, active lifestyle, but it is. A good start is to replace sugary drinks (e.g., soft drinks) with water with lemon. Doing so will give you tons of health benefits. Lemon water is a health tonic. To boot, it’s a good source of vitamin C, a strong antioxidant to fight common colds. Plus, it can help you lose those unwanted fats.

Take note that drinking water is a step towards heart health. It can help you maintain your blood pressure, not to mention boost your heart rate. Moreover, an ample supply of water in your system promotes your brain’s cognitive function.

Now, you may be asking if drinking booze can be considered a healthy habit. Know that certain drinks can promote wellbeing, drunk in of course.

A classic example of an ingredient that can bring a distinct fruity flavor to various drinks (fruit beers, pales) and yet has tons of health benefits is hops. For decades now, the flowering part of the plant has been used as medicine. The plant, indeed, has been used extensively to treat insomnia and a host of health issues. It’s also been a top product of the fertile soils of Australia. One of them is Galaxy Hops. Prized for its fruity taste and aroma, this ingredient has a strong yet passionate character. It’s popular for many brewers because of its fruity and light qualities.

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Get a Bike

It might again sound like a sell-off. Again, you may want to protest. Why get a bike when you have a car? Well, the answer is simple. A bike can be your best tool to stay active.

First up, cycling is a decision to improve your cardiovascular health. That means it’s a timely boost to your brain, heart, and blood vessels. Heart health is a big one as heart disease is the #1 killer in America taking down over 600,000 Americans yearly. Even better, cycling help release endorphins, your body’s feel-good chemicals. Thus, the more you cycle, the better you feel.

So that should tell you to own a bicycle in the soonest possible time. If you already have one, ensuring that it’s in good condition is a must. When you ride a bike, you hit two birds at the same time. You put a premium on your health and at the same time, save money meant for gas. While your car may give you the comfort you need while driving, it won’t make you sweat to send your heart racing. And your lifestyle up to par.

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