eCommerce Tip: Have a Good Return Policy

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Managing an eCommerce business can be profitable, but it requires a lot of strategic planning to become successful.

One of the things you should prioritize is your marketing strategies. Find better ways to boost your product listings and brand pages. You also need to be familiar with your inventories and product shipment. On top of that, make sure to improve your customer service at all times!

Having a good return policy is a big first step. This promotes customer trust, retention, and loyalty. Letting them know you have a reliable return policy shows you’re confident with the quality of your products.

How to Provide Return Shipping for your Customers

To provide a better return shipping experience for your customers, you’ll also need a logistics company to help you. Logistics companies can help in a lot of ways–not just delivering your products to and from your customers. They can also assist with the technology needed to track products and deliveries.

If possible, try to work with a company with a warranty management system as an additional feature that you can benefit from.

How Can a Return Policy Help Your Business

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Several studies show the importance of good return policy for retailers. In aHarris Poll done previously, it shows that a store’s return policy dramatically affects the decision of the buyers to purchase from them.

There’s also a recent survey saying returns are three times more common for online sellers. A staggering 72% of online shoppers confirmed to have returned around 10% of the purchases they have made.

With that said, you firstly need to have a return policy. Second, you need to guarantee it appeals to your customers.

What’s a Good Return Policy

So, what could appeal to your customers?

You’d want to focus on is that no customer will want to pay for return shipping. If they see they have to pay for it, they won’t buy from you. Or, if you hide the fact from them, then you’ll have lost their trust and will never come back to your store again.

The next thing you should focus on is to provide them with a hassle-free policy. The return labels should be easily printed, or you can already have it in the box with the item. And lastly, a timely refund.

Additionally, you need to figure out where it will be shipped. There’s 68% of online shoppers that returned the goods to the retailer. But a good 60% prefer to have it returned to a physical store.

Of course, everything should be written clearly. Make sure you are transparent with your rules, and there are no hidden charges or information. Everything should be simple and straightforward. Once you’re satisfied with your return policy, place it in an easy to find a spot on your website.

An eCommerce business is getting more popular among entrepreneurs these days. The reach is more extensive, and you have more freedom over your time. To establish customers’ trust and retention, consider having a return-policy.

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