Exploring Business Opportunities: What About Lawn Care?


If you have a passion for lawn care, not only yours but also as a way to start a business, you can always pursue a franchise opportunity from an established lawn maintenance company so you won’t have to start everything from scratch.

A commercial lawn treatment operation is a profitable business if you live in an area where you would have regular clients. There is a huge market for such operations, and you can get a slice of this market so you can pursue your interests and still earn money from it. You might even discover it as one of your passions after all. In time, you might even consider going full time with your lawn care business operations. A lawn treatment business is an answer in your quest to achieve financial freedom and stability.

Is there a market for the business?

Demand for more natural garden areas in commercial establishments is increasing, and as a result, the demand for lawn care maintenance services is also on the rise. New hotels and condominiums are setting aside huge spaces for lawns and ornamental plants. Even malls and other commercial buildings are starting to realize the value of a landscaped area.

A study conducted by several universities showed that people are attracted to establishments with a landscaped area. The study reveals that people are more inclined to check-in to a hotel or visit commercial establishments with lots of green lawns and outdoor elements. These studies also revealed that the green industry, which includes landscaping, has generated nearly 2 million jobs.

Are there a lot of players in the market?

You might ask if lawn care operation is profitable, why is it that only a few people are into such a business? The answer is quite simple: Building this kind of business from the ground up can be very difficult particularly if you have no experience. In addition to this, you need to acquire the equipment necessary to start your lawn maintenance operations. You need a truck, riding mower, push mower, equipment trailer, trimmer, leaf blower, edger, hedge trimmer, and assorted lawn tools. The biggest obstacle for many, however, is the knowledge and expertise on caring and maintaining lawns and greenery. These seeming hindrances discourage many from going into lawn maintenance operations.

gardener mowing the lawn

What are your feasible options?

Getting a landscaping franchise does not exempt you from the need to buy equipment and tools. It will, however, help your business thrive under a mutual brand name. Landscaping franchises feature an established structure for starting, operating and developing a lawn care business. The lawn treatment franchise business owner or franchisor can help you with ready manuals and training. Such training programs help new landscaping businesses understand the ins and outs of lawn maintenance, horticulture, and other related aspects.

Is lawn treatment business for you?

There are those who started their lawn care businesses but gave up after only a short time. There are also those who are quick to point out the disadvantages of having such a business. Their major contention is you need to have technical know-how on the basics of lawn maintenance and horticulture. Many are also concerned about the economic risk of such business.

But if you pursue a lawn care franchise, you will not have to worry about these things. All businesses have issues when it comes to economic risks, so if you take up lawn care, you can always explore ways to resolve different issues. Franchising is among the most practical solutions.

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