For Female Millennials: Should You Consider Truck Driving as a Profession?


Many people would pass the chance to take truck driving as a profession. We often don’t like working long grueling hours driving miles at end. We are not fond of the idea of not being able to go home each day after each shift. The fact that many people think only men can be truck drivers makes female job seekers pass such an opportunity. Big trucks only deserve burly macho drivers, they say.

But for the millennials who are in search of their next possible jobs, the trucking industry can be your next career venture. Experts are seeing a great future ahead of the trucking industry in the following years. As the globe slowly rises against the recession, they predict truck freight to grow 8-10% this year.

But why should female millennials care about becoming truck drivers?

Truck Driving Does Not Discriminate

These days, female drivers are welcome to join the trucking industry. Gone are the days when we can only see big men driving gigantic trucks. Even women are making their mark as drivers and prove that it can be a manageable and profitable career for them.

Female millennials can do what every male truck driver can. As long as you have a willingness to learn, don’t mind doing the dirty stuff, and is a good driver, you can start joining the male-dominated field.

If you are afraid of not getting paid as much as other male drivers, know that there are laws that aim to protect the rights of truckers no matter the gender. Of course, there is a need for you to do your research and ask questions to make sure your employer is not taking advantage of you. If you require help or could use professional advice, you can always consult with an experienced truck labor attorney.

One can also get a job as a truck driver even if they are in their 40s or 50s. This can be a great choice if you are single, have kids that can already take care of themselves. Note that it becomes a must that you know how to balance your job and your family life if you have any before taking on a trucking job.

You Can Be a Part of Numerous Trucking Organizations

driving lessons

Many people think truckers are unapproachable, irrespective and bad drivers. But in reality, they deserve a lot more respect than what most people give them. Truck drivers are actually great drivers who get along well with cops, other drivers on the road, and even in their own community.

Did you know that truck drivers have this strong sense of community? They are always on the road driving alone for hundreds and thousands of miles each day. But they use whatever resources they have to spread warmth and give a helping hand whenever needed.

For instance, a trucker’s organization called Operation Roger aim to help pets reach their new homes. They were a big hit during Hurricane Katrina. Many truckers helped numerous pets who were left homeless after the aftermath.

Many people don’t know that Truckers Against Trafficking exists. This is an organization of truckers that undergo training to educate themselves in helping human trafficking victims. You will be surprised just how many truckers helped victims of human trafficking while on the job.

If you are a pet lover, then you could be helping bring pets to their next home. You could also help fight human trafficking while you are doing your job. These are but some existing trucker organizations that help make the community a better and safer place.

You Can Get Paid Good Money

If you love road trips, then you will appreciate going to different places as a truck driver. If you are not aware just yet, trucking does not require you to get a degree. But you do need to get certified to become one.

Many think truck drivers get paid a measly salary. But then, this is among the highest-paying jobs one can get without a degree. Truckers get paid in numerous ways, including a per diem pay, detention pay, accessorial pay, and stop pay.

You can earn money by simply driving your truck to your destination. You are on your own on most days, which means more freedom for you. If you enjoy working alone and don’t mind long hours of driving and sleeping on a truck, then you could very well handle trucking.

These days, more females are embracing their role as truck drivers. If safety is your main concern, note that every job and industry comes with risks. There are things you can do to improve your safety while behind the wheels, as you stop for a quick snack or as you stay at a truck stop. Many truck drivers are friendly, and they look after other truckers, especially the females. If you are in for an adventure and you think you have what it takes to be a great truck driver, then no one is stopping you to make the choice.

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