Four Health Coaching Blunders That Can Hinder Your Career


Successful health coaches are not only able to improve their health and that of their loved ones. They are also capable of positively changing the lives of others. If you are you an aspiring health coach, then you should know that most people who pursue this career already have a well-rounded background in health and wellness. After completing a health coach training program, you can start gaining experience and find yourself some clients.

But did you know that certain things can stop you from making the most out of your career as a health coach? If you are an aspiring coach or have already started your health coaching career, then you should be careful not to make the following mistakes.

Trying to be a jack-of-all-trades

One big mistake newbie health coaches make is trying to please everyone. Remember that as a beginner, it is okay not to be a jack of all trades. What you should start doing is to find that one niche you want to specialise in. Focus on targeting clients whose specific needs you can cater to. By doing so, you’ll be seen as an expert on that subject, and it will be easier for you to market your services and make a good impression with your potential clients.

Not having a great website

webpage design

These days, one of the best ways to get found on the internet is by optimising your website. However, even with a high volume of traffic on your website, you can still fail to convert your visitors into clients. May be your web and graphic design are not good enough, or your site lacks real testimonials from past clients and people you worked with. Maybe you fail to make a personal connection with your site visitors through engaging content or calls to action. Addressing these issues will help you gain more clients so make sure you invest in improving your website.

Using a language your clients will not understand

If you have some clients but fail to retain them and to attract more, then one problem could be your language of choice. If a client can’t fully understand the terms you’re using and you fail to give them a thorough explanation, then they will go ahead and find another coach who uses their language. What you can do is try to do a little bit of research. Go online where your target audience is and check the terms, words or phrases they use. Then use whatever words you learned when marketing your services and when talking to your clients. This is one way to personalise your approach and come up with a more effective method of connecting with your target market.

Preaching without providing value

One big mistake to avoid is only focusing on marketing your speciality without actually trying to show you’re an expert in that field. Let’s say you already found a speciality niche and know where your clients are online. Simply posting your services won’t yield instant clients in a day. You’ll want to provide as much value as you can so you can demonstrate your willingness to help. Answer some questions and provide solutions before you even ask them to be your clients.

It is quite easy to make these mistakes, especially as a rookie. But by keeping this list in mind, you can kick-start your career and improve your chances of success without wasting too much time on making such mistakes.

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