Frequency and Engagement: The Tricks to Posting on Instagram

Posting on Instagram

Making your Instagram account popular may be difficult. But if you know the tricks that other popular Instagrammers are doing, you can replicate those. Learn how to urge social media users to check out your account, and they might even use web capture software to document your more popular posts.


The most commonly asked question is, “How often should you post to gain more likes and followers?” Well, it truly differs for every account.

Some say that posting as many as 10 times a day will give you a bigger following. But that is not exactly true. There are many Instagrammers out there who post around five new content materials every day and yet their likes and followers have not increased.

According to experts, the kind of product or brand you are advertising should dictate how frequently you post new content. Take, for example, Fashion Nova. The online store posts around 30 times a day and yet, they have not been experiencing any problem with engagement.


What it means is that when Fashion Nova posts 30 times a day, there should be a decline in user engagement with earlier posts. This is because people who will be checking out their Instagram might not bother to check earlier posts since they share new ones every half hour.

But since Fashion Nova is all about clothes, it actually does not matter if they post new ones every half hour. Their followers still check out the older posts because they are just as interested in what the brand posted earlier as they are with the newer ones.

Everywhere a user is awake

Also, by posting new images every half hour, Fashion Nova is advertising their store to every person in every part of the world. Since this online store is consistently posting on Instagram, every individual who is awake in their corner of the world can view what the brand is showcasing.

They learned that posting new clothes every half hour works to their advantage because that kind of content suits people who are always looking for something new to wear.

Figure out your own brand

If you are going to follow Fashion Nova’s strategy, it is not really about the frequency of the posts that make you popular. What you should do instead is understand your brand. Figure out if your brand is the type of item that people would want to see new posts of every now and then.

If you are selling lug nuts online, you do not need to post new photos of your products online. Even people who are car enthusiasts would not want to see 30 posts of lug nuts every day. That would just be crazy.

So, figure out how popular your brand or product really is. If it is the type of thing that changes constantly like fashion or mobile phones, then by all means, post as many images as you can. But if it is not, then try another strategy to coax people into liking your Instagram posts.

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