How to Make Your Product Appeal to Children Effectively

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We may not know how powerful kids can be as consumers. But they really are one key player in the market. If your brand’s target audience is kids, you might want to make sure that you appeal to them effectively.  

According to a report, in 2018 alone, the world spent 4.2 billion U.S. dollars worldwide on kids’ advertising. That amount just shows how big of a market the children can carry. Their consumer power cannot be ignoredIf you’re a business owner who wants to invest in a kids’ brand, you may want to see these tips first. Check out how your brand can appeal to children and make your marketing work.    

Appeal to the parents first

We’ve already established the children’s power on the market. But of course, the final purchasing decision relies heavily on the parents still. This is why it’s important for you to make your branding appeal to the adults who holds the money. They’re still your consumers. First, give parents something that will make them think your brand’s worth to their children. A simple strategy you can apply is by promoting the brand as something kids would get lessons from.

From proper hygiene to making friends with other kids in the neighborhood, the choice of subjects is endless. Pick one that suits your branding and execute it effectively.    

Colorful branding and ads

This is where we get into what the kids really want. Keep in mind that children are attracted to things that are playful in the eyes. Colors appeal to them significantly. This is why you have to integrate colors into your brand. Put it in your logos and packaging. Bright colors are the best when it comes to attracting children.

Make everything bold and outlined. Apply your chosen colors to every element in your packaging, including fonts. Personalize your packaging. Do this by choosing hues that you think would appeal to certain groups of children. This method will surely get the kids wanting to touch your product. Hence, a triumph for your brand.    


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Everybody wants free stuff regardless of age. For adults, it’s like getting more than what you paid for. But it’s a different story for children. Children may perceive getting freebies as a surprise. Getting an item they never thought would come with what they bought is rewarding. So if you’re planning to go this route, make sure that your free stuff is worth it for the kids. The most popular idea is the one cereal brands and fast food chains do. They know children love toys.

You can do this method, too. Just add little toys inside every package of your product. Children will truly cherish that. Another thing you can do is giving shirts, caps, or any type of apparel. Make the children feel like they belong in an exclusive club by wearing your brand. Produce these apparel by using the sublimation heat press printing method. This can give your freebies the highest quality. Wait until the children tell their friends about your product and the free stuff they got. You’ll surely have more little clients.    

Online presence

It’s very evident how children can easily access the internet nowadays. So if you want to get ahead of the game when it comes to advertising for children, you better adapt. The first is getting into social media. Kids may not be allowed to use these platforms yet, but their parents are. You want to make sure that your social media appeal is balanced between the kids and their parents. The parents may chance upon your ad then show it to their kids. So give your social media presence some effort. Another thing you could do is to get into Youtube Kids. Kids’ videos are racking up billions of views by children.

Last year, Youtube Kids ranked first with the hours of usage among video streaming. That’s according to a report published by Reuters. If you have time to produce content for Youtube Kids, you might want to invest in this method too.    

Promote values  

As previously mentioned, the purchasing power still relies on the parents. This is why it’s important to show the parents that their children can get something out of your product. One thing that gets the parents’ attention is the promotion of family values. Most, if not all, want their children to learn things. It’s going to be a good marketing strategy if your products can help children learn values on their own. The parents will definitely appreciate that and will convince them that their purchase was worth it.    

So the moment you’ll get into a business model that targets younger demographics, you already know what to do. Give importance to the children’s taste. Consider factors that will work for your branding.

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