How You Can Turn Your Brand into a Household Name

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There are brands that have become so big and popular that they are now staples of everyday life. It does not happen overnight. Usually, for a brand to stick in the memory of people, it takes a unique brand name and a timeless logo and numerous marketing campaigns — all telling the same message.

Coca Cola is a great example of a brand that has a recognizable identity. Just about anyone on this planet knows its logo and message at heart. After over 100 years in the market, the carbonated drink is still wildly successful.

It is extremely difficult to turn your product into the next Coca-Cola, but it is possible. Here’s how.

An Exciting Brand Identity

The first thing you need to figure out is your brand’s identity. It involves your brand name, your logo, and the vibe and the message you send to your target customers.

Basically, your brand identity is how you present your business to the public. So, there should be plenty of thought placed into it. You can benefit from hiring an expert to help you out. In Phoenix, there are companies that offer brand design services to local businesses.

Study Your Audience

You cannot reach out and make an impact if you do not have an idea of who your audience is and what are the things that pique their interests.

There is a lot of market research that goes behind every successful marketing campaign. You have to know exactly who the kind of people are acquiring your products and services. For example, if you are in the business of supplements, you should be reaching out to people who may be experiencing health issues and older folks. If you make hot meals, go for busy young professionals who may not have the time to make their own food at home.

Knowing your target consumers help you decide on your advertisements and campaign offline and online. Everything you do must appeal to your target consumers.

Listen to Feedback

Simply because an idea looks good on paper does not mean it will translate well in real life. People have different and often contrasting opinions. The only way to know if your brand is memorable and relatable is by testing it with the public.

Ask your staff, business partners, and family and friends for their reaction. Better yet, create a focus group that can help you gauge how people will react to your brand.

What you do with feedback is to use them to improve your brand’s identity and your products and services. You will feel more confident knowing that you have ironed out any kinks prior to launch.

Make Customers Feel Something

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A boring brand does not elicit any strong emotion and is, therefore, forgettable. When designing your brand’s logo, packaging, advertisements, and others, you should aim to connect to the emotions of your target customers.

Nike’s The Swoosh, for example, represents speed and motion. It is simple yet it effectively conveys what the brand is all about.

The same can be said for advertisements. A TV commercial or a poster should tug at the audience’s heartstrings. It should express emotions whether that may be joy or pride or even fear.

For a brand to succeed, it takes a lot of hard work and creativity. Follow these tips and watch your business flourish.

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