Increasing Productivity Through Salesforce

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If you and the whole company is a Salesforce user, then you might have noticed that by now, everyone seems to be a lot more productive, simply because Salesforce has been a huge help when it comes to completing tasks. What if we tell you that you can further increase your productivity by making the most out of Salesforce?

It definitely is possible, especially if you work with certified Salesforce consulting companies. These tips and tricks that we will discuss can get you started though, so make sure to keep on reading!

Make Use of the Reports for Analyzing Metrics

Ask assistance from your chosen consulting company or in-house Salesforce employees (if you have them) when making a report. These reports are not just for admins to generate, as you can easily create one with the help and guidance of the Salesforce people around you.

Include all KPIs in the report and make sure that they are accurate. This report will give you a helpful insight into your own work as well as with others’ work and of course, your business, too.

Take Advantage of These Functions


Some of the most useful Salesforce functions are the activities, tasks, and email. If you are not utilizing these functions, then you are totally missing out.

The emails can simply be drafted once and saved to Salesforce for uploading and scheduling. Salesforce will then send out these emails without you having to log in. They even have templates that you can use, too! Activities can be used for recording customer interactions and the likes. Tasks can help remind you of what tasks needs to be done ASAP. You can even schedule and appoint tasks to your teammates through this as well.

Have Your Home Page Customized

You might need your admin to do this for you, but it is totally worth it. When you activate this, you can easily have your charts, reminders, and news regarding your account on the homepage itself. This will help you save a lot of time, plus, it’d be easier for you to remember your tasks as you will be able to see them once you log-in to your computer.

Create List Views

If you haven’t created your own list views on Salesforce, then you are totally missing out. This allows you to slice and dice your data to whichever way you prefer. This will help you manage your own records, as well as your tasks and your whole schedule for the day.

Cluttered data can overwhelm you, which is why it would make a lot of sense to create list views for each group or type of tasks. Aside from making things properly organized, you will also get to save a lot of time looking for files and scouring through your data!

Working with Salesforce will help you get tasks done and will definitely help you be more productive throughout the day. You might need an admin to be able to implement these things above, but most of it is easy to do and can be done by anyone who’s computer literate!

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