Leveling the Playing Field for Differently Abled People

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A disability used to be limiting and discriminatory. Young people who grew up with disabilities find themselves with fewer opportunities. This reality is present even in aspects of employment.

But through the years, more companies have learned to practice an inclusive approach. Nowadays, it does not matter if a person is differently abled. Here are ways on how one can approach the hiring process with confidence.

Ask Which Assistive Technology Are Available

Some devices assist differently abled people to function better in the workplace. For example, durable and compact stairlifts can help people with mobility issues. Computers have special features that assist people with vision and hearing impairments. Speech applications also help people with the restricted capacity to express themselves.

Technology opened new levels for differently abled people to be on par with others. One must only be clear if these are available in the company. One can also ask if they can bring their own assistive devices, if necessary.

Be Straightforward About Your Condition

Honesty is one integral quality that any employer is looking for in a potential employee. Thus, it is important to disclose during the interview process the extent of one’s disability. By being straightforward about it, a differently abled person shows great character.

Not hiding or making excuses for one’s condition shows that you are embracing your disability. It tells an employer that you are up to the challenge of making it work. This is despite some difficulties that you might encounter. You can also share situations where you have accomplished things despite your condition. This will show them that you are driven and determined. But be forthright of what you cannot do.

Capitalize on Your Strengths

As an aspiring employee, a differently abled person must play on their strong points. You would not want to get the job out of compassion. Prove that you are worthy of the position you are applying for. The first step to this is by studying the job description. Before even stating your intention to apply, see to it that your skills match what they need.

Also, treat it as how a regular interview would be. Answer questions with professionalism. Also, bring and present pertinent documents like a resume and work samples. Also, do not forget to bring to the table the soft skills that you have. The only way to normalize a differently abled applying for a job is to regard the process as a standard one.

Discuss Your Rights

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Any employment is a give-and-take transaction. You are adding value to the company, and they bring some benefit to yours. As such, do not forget to also ask about your rights.

Before entering a company, you can ask about its company culture. How can the management help you in case you got discriminated against? Also, probe about opportunities for you like in professional development. You can ask about working arrangements such as a work-from-home set-up if needed. These things are not demands but aspects that will help you function at your full potential.

Any disability should not be a hindrance for you to be a productive employee. Companies have a more diverse perspective now. There is no limit as to what a differently abled person can achieve.

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