Make a Statement: 3 Ways to Make Your Clothing Business Stand Out

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The clothing and fashion industry may be one of the more profitable businesses that one can get into. With changing styles and new trends popping up left and right, it’s a mainstream gig that has many niches. If you are looking to carve your niche or bring to life a well-loved fashion franchise, these three expert tips can help your business grow with the industry.

1. Create an in-store experience with ambiance

While the millennial population is just one part of the market, they create a huge chunk of the buyers. Brands and luxury items may still be one of the reasons they may patronize a specific store. However, at the time of Instagram and trend-setting, experience before, during, and after the purchase does matter. According to, the overall vibe and feel of the store can make a difference.

More store owners who manage clothing store franchise opportunities are giving creative leeway to interior designers and visual merchandisers to ensure that not only their products but also store comes to the fore. The most basic–the overall look and feel established by appropriate lighting, music, and even layout of the store can already have a huge impact. This does not end with just the physical store. The employees are equally important, and they can make an even bigger impact, especially if they can act as experts on the product they sell.

2. Blend online and on-site

Clothes shop owner behind the counterIn the digital age, it’s almost impossible to run clothing store franchise opportunities without having a presence online. VendHQ asserted that customers now make use of different channels to make their purchase. For some customers, now the first line of shopping and browsing is done online because of convenience and easy comparison with others. Make this a more efficient experience by tying together your online and brick-and-mortar stores.

This means unifying the look and feel of the two stores. At the same time, any promos online can either be extended or enhanced with an on-site visit. The marketing possibilities are endless, and it all begins in having several channels for your store that all lead to one thing: purchase of your brand.

3. Promote the discounted and on-sale items

When it comes to clothes, there are two things that most customers love: new items and bargains. Sometimes, even the idea of getting an item they just liked a little before but now offered at a discount could easily lead to a sale. This is why it’s important to place your on-bargain items in the store strategically.

A tip that is not practiced by a lot of store owners is putting the discounted pile towards the back of the store. It’s best to put discounted items at the back because it allows customers to explore the store further before they land on what the items they may spend more time on. Balance this with a big and noticeable sale and and-discount signs up front, so they will know that you have an ongoing sale inside.

Whatever market you are targeting for the clothing store franchise opportunities you aim to do; these tips are meant to tap deeper into your audience. The key is understanding the business and responding to your market’s request so your business will grow and adapt with its niche.

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