Make Your Car Look Cooler with These Upgrades

Customizing car components

Your car is an extension of yourself. If you’re oozing with coolness, your car should also radiate the same aura as you are. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford cool looking cars right off the bat. But don’t let your budget constrain you from getting a cool car. These vehicle upgrades can turn plain models into a head-turner when driving down the streets of Provo, Utah.

Headlights & Tail Lights

For old models, it’s time to get rid of your low-quality headlights and tail lights. Update these with a new set of sleek looking headlights and tail lights. This will improve the look of your car’s exteriors while keeping you safe at night.

Window Tint

Tinting the windows won’t only give a nice effect, but it also blocks UV light and reduces the heat inside your car. You can opt to tint your car’s back three windows and the front windows, but be sure to check the state’s rules on how dark your car tint can be.

Paint Job

Let your car turn the heads of everyone with a fresh paint job. Painting your car anew won’t only restore your vehicle to its former glory, but it will also make it look cooler than ever. Combine colors to create your desired kickass effects. You can also add touches by painting parts of your car.

Car Wraps

To overhaul your car’s exterior, you can also get your car wrapped. You may opt for car wraps to cover your entire auto on top of a flawless paint job, or you can modify only portions of it like the hood or roof. The latter will accent parts of the car, giving your car a sleek look. Getting your car wrapped is becoming popular in the auto world, which is a great mod to your vehicle. Alternatively, you can also use racing stripes aside from vinyl wraps.

Car Emblems

Update your car’s emblem to match your new paint job and car wraps. This is a recent trend in car mods that can make your vehicle look chic. There are specialty shops that offer unique emblem designs for your vehicle. Customize emblems to make your vehicle stand out.

Tires & Wheels

There are plenty of tires and wheels to choose from, and there are affordable sets to boot. New wheels can add a unique touch to your car’s exterior, and new tires can improve its performance. It would be such a waste if you skip on this car mod, so better give your old car a new set of these gears.

Interior LED Lighting

Don’t let the inside of your car fall behind. Install LED lighting to add a bit of color to your interior. This cheap car mod can emphasize how cool your interior design is, and it adds a wow factor for your passengers.

Car Accessories

car parts

There are plenty of accessories that you can add to your car. This includes stereo systems, amplifiers, DVD players, and even gaming consoles. What’s great about it is that you can have these vehicle upgrades done without breaking the bank. But be careful not to overdo it, or you run the risk of your car looking tacky instead of cool.

If you can’t afford to buy a new cool-looking car, upgrade your old auto and transform it into your desired vehicle. The vehicle upgrades mentioned above are easy to do and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Choose which mods you can apply on your car, and then drive proudly down the roads of Provo, Utah with your new sleek-looking car.

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