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Lawns are a natural way to make your house look great. However, it sometimes needs a bit of help. This might be because of poor soil or adverse weather conditions. Taking care of your lawn correctly can significantly help, but a real boost is compost. It needs to be used properly, though. Here are a few tips on how fertilizer should be applied to your lawn.

Test Your Soil

Before you do anything, one of the first things you should do is to test the soil. The chemical composition of the land is going to affect how well the fertilizer will perform. The testing process is pretty easy to do. Just take 10 to 12 samples of the earth, making sure that there is no grass or plant matter mixed in. You can then send it into some landscaping companies so that they can tell you the chemical status of your soil.

The results of your soil test will reveal the chemical composition of the soil and the nutrient levels. Knowing that will help you in determining what sort of fertilizer to use. Additionally, pH levels can be identified with a soil test. Most grasses can survive at pH 6.0 to 7.5. Too low and too high, your lawn will end up dying, so you need fertilizers that will even out your pH.

Time It Right

When you’re fertilizing, you should also time it right. The best time to fertilize is when the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is when the grass starts growing. This is mostly in the spring.

Remember the date that you fertilized because you need to fertilize via a schedule. This ensures that your lawn will receive the right amount of fertilizer. You can either choose to apply fertilizer once or twice a year. If you are doing it one, then ensure that you are giving your lawn enough to recover from the entire year of growth and fortify it for winter.

For those who apply fertilizer two times a year, a spring application will help your lawn grow for most of the year. The second application is the best right before winter so that your garden will be stronger for the harsh winter.

Use Granules

Most of the time, people think that fertilizer should be in liquid form. However, a better way to apply is via granules. You don’t need special machinery, and you just spread it around. The pellets are also a big help since they can time-release the fertilizer slowly into your lawn. Plus, the granules are simple to apply evenly.

Apply Carefully

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It is quite possible to apply too much fertilizer. Always check the chemical composition of your compost is that you know how much nitrogen, potassium, and phosphates it has. There usually is some advice on how to apply the fertilizer, but it is better to use half the recommended amount. Start spreading the compost from the outside to the interior and then reversing direction so that the fertilizer can be divided evenly.

Fertilizers are a great way to ensure that your lawn blooms. The tips above will help so that you don’t make mistakes when you apply fertilizer. The result is a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of. Combine it with proper care, and your yard is going to be a big hit with your neighbors.

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