Methods of Controlling Squirrel Infestation


Rodents are among the most common pests in residential and commercial properties. When most people hear of rodent control, they assume that this encompasses rats and mice. Rodents are mammals that have one pair of front teeth that increase in length throughout their lifetime. They comprise approximately 40% of all species of mammals, and their survival instincts allow them to survive in even seemingly harsh environments. Some of the common rodents other than mice and rats that might become a nuisance In your property and cause extensive damage are squirrels and hamsters.

Without professional rodent control solutions in your Salt Lake City property, squirrels will damage your plants and chew through your wooden building materials. Moreover, they will burrow into various sections of your building to reproduce and cause extensive damage. There are several squirrel species, but the most destructive and hardest to get rid of are gray squirrels. These are even classified as pests and breed quickly, reproducing about seven kits twice a year. It is important to use a technique that ensures fast and effective results to get rid of squirrels.

Here are the professional control techniques used for squirrels:

Live Squirrel Traps

These are the best options for manually relocating the squirrels in your property. The live traps are small cage traps containing sensitive trigger plates. These react when stepped on by a squirrel and are placed along their path onto your property. They are generally baited using sunflower seeds and frequently checked to ensure no trapped squirrels die or suffer unnecessarily.

Squirrel Repellants


These are designed to avert the destructive chewing of the areas of your property by squirrels and to keep them from approaching specific regions. Liquid repellants are sprayed onto bulbs, trees, soil lawns, and bird feeders to keep squirrels from digging the spaces and gnawing. Granular repellents, on the other hand, are sprinkled around the perimeter to prevent the entry of squirrels. These products work by irritating the squirrel to make your place as uninviting as possible to these pests.

Electronic Repellents

These are used in combination with taste repellents. They generate sudden water bursts that will frighten approaching squirrels. This makes them eco-friendly, versatile, and ideal for the protection of most sections on your property. They also have the added advantage of watering your plants while keeping squirrels from burrowing your landscape or destroying the plants. You can have multiple electronic repellents around your property to maximize their effect.

Mesh Fencing

These are placed around your structures’ openings, around your vegetation, and under porches to keep squirrels out. An L-shaped barrier forms the foundation of your mesh fencing to keep squirrels out of your building’s foundation. The spaces are kept to not more than 1.4’’ to ensure that squirrels do not squeeze through them.

Squirrels seem like adorable creatures and most property owners will assume that their property’s infestation with these pests is not a problem. The above humane options for controlling these pests are essential for protecting your property from the extensive damage these pets are renowned for. Thankfully, they are not as costly as other pest control alternatives.

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