Odd Rules When Wearing Evening Gowns

Pageant veteran Crystal shares peculiar insights on what not to wear during the evening gown competition. Drawing from years of experience, she unveils three unconventional rules that may raise eyebrows but have become pageant norms.

1. Say No to Closed-Toed Shoes: In the world of evening gowns, closed-toed shoes are a big no-no. Crystal stresses the importance of opting for open-toed sandals or high heels, emphasizing that closed shoes can undermine the formal elegance required in these competitions.

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2. Keep It Floor-Length: Forget high-low or short dresses for the evening gown segment. Crystal explains that, irrespective of slits or transparency, traditional pageantry demands a floor-length gown. This rule focuses more on the definition of an evening gown than on modesty.

3. Necklace Dilemma: Oddly enough, necklaces are discouraged in pageants. Crystal notes that mainstream Miss winners haven’t sported necklaces in about two decades. While exceptions exist, with Miss Teen USA in 2014 strategically wearing one, the general consensus is to avoid necklaces to maintain the formality of the evening gowns.

These quirky rules, stemming from the unique world of pageantry, shed light on the meticulous considerations contestants must navigate in the evening gown competition. To stand out and adhere to these odd rules, participants are encouraged to focus on big earrings, leaving the discussion about rings open for interpretation.


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