An Entrepreneur’s Guide: Strategies to Advance Your Career


Career progression is vital for anyone who aspires to grow as a professional and become successful. For most people, advancement in career is just a way to earn money and become more well-known in their chosen industries. But for some, professional development plays adds value in their personal lives in many ways. It can provide a sense of purpose, healthier engagement, and productivity, boost confidence, and reduce stress.

While there are plenty of reasons you should strive for career advancement, the journey is not an easy one. Some careers readily show obvious progression, while others will require you to exert more effort and patience. Regardless of what profession or industry you’re in, these steps can help you become a more qualified professional

1. Advance your education

One of the sure-fire ways to advance your career is to further your education, broadening your skills and knowledge. You can take short courses or advanced degree programs relevant to your job to improve your qualifications. Online courses are typically less expensive than the traditional learning method. This is ideal if you have a limited budget or want to save more.

Besides that, you can apply for an educational assessment under the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP). This allows you to acquire proper accreditation for the values, skills, and knowledge you earned from your work.

Keep in mind, though, that there are specific ETEEAP requirements and qualifications that you first need to meet before you can apply for the assessment program. These may include academic diplomas, workshop and training certificates, certificates of employment, and a specific number of working years.

2. Dress for the part

Wearing proper attire can make a huge difference in any professional field. Dressing for success may seem like a small step, but its impact is way bigger than you expect. Several studies found that people who dress for success are more likely to have better job performance and motivation.

It can also increase abstract thinking and creativity, boost your imagination, and improve your communication skills. Plus, if you’re part of the corporate world, dressing for the job is crucial for impressing your boss or clients. Some general tips are wearing clean and conservative shoes, pressed and professional clothing, complementing accessories, and minimal jewelry and fragrances.

3. Make connections

people working

Building a solid professional network is an essential ingredient in success, particularly in today’s business world. While having a good network can help you land a job, it’s not the only thing it can do. Connecting to fellow professionals in your field can open up more opportunities for you.

You can learn first-hand job experiences, get professional advice, and readily know the skills and knowledge you require to thrive in your field. A solid network is also an excellent way to keep you posted on the changing industry trends and events. Who knows, you might also make some good friends with whom you share similar professional goals.

4. Take on new tasks

If you’re working for a company and looking to get a promotion, it’s time to take on new daily tasks and duties. This is an effective way to show your boss that you deserve a promotion and a raise. Show them that you can handle responsibility outside your role and that you can work with others flawlessly. Volunteer to handle extra tasks or ask your superior if they need additional help with something.

By taking the initiative, not only are you showing that you deserve a promotion, but you’re also gaining more experience. Don’t hesitate to talk to your boss about your career goals, so they can better notice your hard work. Giving in your best efforts is typically not enough for an employer to notice you, especially if you’re working within a big team. Drop the hints.

5. Start your own business

This dedication will significantly depend on your career goals and financial situation. Nonetheless, starting your own business can turn your career to a whole new level. Recent studies show that more than half of millennials are planning to start their own business. By running your own business, you have more space for growth compared to working for someone else’s company. This venture might be too taxing at first, but the doors to career success are endless.

From learning more skills, finding a mentor, to opening your own business, the journey is an absolute challenge. But if you have the passion and commitment to your chosen career, taking all these steps won’t be that tough. Use this guide to kickstart your career advancement.

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