Studying in U.S.? Why You Should Have Health Insurance

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If you’re going to study in the U.S., it’s important that you get an international student health insurance. This is to protect yourself from accidents and illnesses while you’re here. Here are the other reasons.

You get to cover lesser expenses

One of the things you’ll discover when you’re studying in the U.S. is that it can be expensive to live here. It’s even more costly to live here as a student because you don’t have a 9-to-5 job to take care of your expenses. That is why a lot of students take on part-time jobs while they study in universities.

Some students work at local stores when they have the time. Some students work as assistants to professors at the university they’re in. Some take on tutorial jobs to earn extra cash. So when you’re studying in America, it’s imperative that you save as much money as you can.

This is why health insurance is important to you because if you have an insurance policy that will cover any accident or any illness you might encounter while you’re in the U.S., you won’t have to pay all your medical bills when you go to the hospital. A health insurance policy will help you pay for a portion of the whole cost of your medical bills, which means you won’t have to use too much of your pocket money.

If you encounter an accident that would require surgery, be warned that a simple surgical procedure in the United States could go as high as hundreds of thousands. And if you need an ambulance to take you to the hospital, it could already cost you $2,000.

But if you have a health insurance policy, your insurance company will help pay for a substantial portion of the total expenses leaving you with a small amount to pay.

You’ll enjoy huge discounts on medical bills

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Another advantage of having health insurance is that you can get huge discounts whenever you visit a doctor. Most doctors in the U.S. charge high fees when they encounter patients without insurance because insurance companies have already discounted their rates for their clients.

So in effect, these doctors are trying to recoup their so-called losses by charging uninsured patients higher fees. Don’t get hammered by these fees and get a student health insurance so that you can also avail those huge discounts.

It covers sports-related accidents

One of the great things about studying in the U.S. is you get to enjoy the culture of this great country and also play some of the sports that they created or popularized. If you’re a huge fan of American football, you can try out for the university league and perhaps be the first football player to come from your country.

But playing sports like football, basketball or baseball can sometimes lead to injuries. If you really get into the spirit of the game, it’s likely that you’ll get a bruise or scraped knee now and then. But if your injuries amount more to just a skinned knee, you might need medical attention. Without health insurance to help you out, you might end up using your money for your tuition fee to cover your medical bills.

So, don’t take a risk and get a health insurance policy to cover any accidents or illnesses you might incur while you’re studying in the U.S.

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