The Benefits of a Clean Water Tank to Your Health

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Water is a basic need and this is why it’s important that you and your family have access to clean water all the time. When you move into a new home, one of the things that need to be checked is if you have a clean water source, whether it is from a rainwater tank, groundwater or surface-water source. If you have a slimline rainwater tank installed on your property, make it a habit to have your water tank cleaned regularly, no matter how busy you are with your everyday activities.

Here are the reasons you should always keep your rainwater tank clean.

Reduces Growth of Harmful Microorganisms

Water alone can be a medium for many germs and contaminants, much more a dirty rainwater tank. Even if you have a filtration system installed, it may not completely remove particles and impurities especially if your water tank is not clean. While you may not directly use water from a rainwater tank for drinking or cooking, unfiltered water may enter your system when you shower, take a swim on your pool, brush your teeth, or wash fruits and vegetables.

Cleaning water tanks regularly will help prevent algae from lining the interior and keep sediments from building up at the bottom of the tank. It will also limit disease-carrying insects and vermin from residing in the tank. A clean water tank will also allow it to maintain water quality, colour and smell.

If a water tank is left uncleaned, the water it contains may be easily polluted with bacteria that can cause gastro-intestinal diseases, cholera, dysentery, and other water-borne infections. When a water tank has not been cleaned for a long period, it may become too harmful to use for water consumption or even for cleaning, hence, may need to be replaced.

Good for the Skin and Hair

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Rainwater is naturally soft, meaning it contains fewer minerals compared to hard water or water coming sources such as groundwater or mains supply. Rainwater also has a neutral PH so if you use rainwater for showering or bathing, you don’t need to use as much soap to get a good lather. Unlike hard water, rainwater also has fewer chemicals so using rainwater to wash your hair will help clean it more thoroughly without drying it out. It is important to keep your rainwater clean so you can enjoy the skin and hair benefits of clean rainwater.

If you bathe or shower with water coming from a dirty or rusty water tank, you might experience the following health risks:

  • Acanthamoeba, serious eye infections which can lead to blindness
  • Keraratitis or inflammation of the cornea
  • Swimmer’s ear which includes symptoms such as swelling, pain, discharge and difficulty in hearing
  • Legionnaires’ disease which has flu-like symptoms
  • Dandruff, hair fall and other scalp infections
  • Crohn’s disease, a digestive disease that cause nausea, diarrhea and fatigue
  • Skin allergies and irritation

Keeping a healthy water system will provide a steady source of clean water for the whole household. It is a simple investment that will ensure you and your family’s overall health and safety.

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