Tips for Real Estate Risk Takers: How To Succeed at a Young Age

  • An understanding of market trends and budgeting is crucial for young individuals entering real estate investment.
  • Having a solid strategy and backup plan can navigate the challenges and risks associated with this industry.
  • Foreign real estate, especially in countries like Australia, Canada, and the Philippines, provides profitable opportunities.
  • Networking with industry professionals and continuous learning is key to staying informed and finding new opportunities.

In this era of skyrocketing prices, real estate has unarguably become one of the most important investment opportunities for young people. The dawn of the digital age has also made it possible for the younger generation to get into real estate more efficiently. However, getting into real estate can be an intimidating prospect because of its risk factors. As a young real estate investor, here are a few tips to follow to succeed in the industry.

Do Your Research

Good real estate investors never make decisions based on emotions or whim. They do their research to understand the market, trends, and patterns in the industry. As a newcomer, you should begin by looking at properties and rental values in a specific area. This will give you a good idea of the potential of each property and whether it is worth investing in. Here are some tips:

Know Your Budget

One of real estate investment’s golden rules is knowing your budget. Setting realistic budgets is vital to determining what kind of property you can buy. You’ll have to factor in the down payment, closing costs, and any legal fees that come along with purchasing property. If you can’t afford the costs, then the property may not be worth investing in.

Know Your Strategy

Before investing in real estate, it is crucial to have a strategy in place. You need to determine whether you’ll buy a property to flip or rent out. If you’re flipping properties, you need to be careful not to pay too much for a property that will eventually eat up all your potential profits. On the other hand, owning rental properties requires finding good tenants and managing the property efficiently.

Have a Backup Plan

Even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry, so you need a backup plan. For instance, you may invest in a rental property but then discover that tenants aren’t paying on time or the property requires significant repairs. In such a situation, you need to have a backup plan, which may involve selling the property, finding new tenants, or taking out a loan.

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Buy Property Abroad

Another great tip for young real estate investors is to look into buying property abroad. Some countries have relatively low property prices compared to the US. Investing in foreign properties can provide you with an additional income source and help diversify your portfolio. Here are some examples:


Australia is an attractive option for foreign investors. It has a strong economy and offers excellent potential returns on investments. Plus, the country’s legal framework makes it easy to buy good real estate without any hassle. The cost of living in Australia is also relatively lower than that of many other countries, making it an attractive option for young real estate investors looking to get a head start in the industry.


Canada is another great option for real estate investors. The country has a strong economy and offers attractive rental yields on properties, making it a great way to diversify your portfolio. Property taxes are relatively low compared to other countries like the US. All these factors make Canada an attractive destination for young real estate risk-takers.


The Philippines is another country that offers attractive rental yields to real estate investors. The cost of living in the country is relatively low compared to other parts of the world, making it an ideal option for those who are just starting out in the industry. The country has a proactive government that encourages foreign investments and can provide assistance if needed.
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Real estate investing is all about networking. You need to connect with other people in the industry, including real estate agents, property managers, financial advisers, and contractors.

Networking is crucial as it will help you stay abreast of new trends in the industry, get tips for investing, and provide new investment opportunities. For instance, you may find a great deal you wouldn’t have found without talking to the right people.

It is also important to join local real estate clubs and attend investing seminars to gain new insights into the industry. The more knowledgeable you are about real estate, the better your chances of success will be when investing.

As a young real estate investor, being savvy with your finances and strategically investing in suitable properties is vital. Conducting research, knowing your budget, and having a backup plan in place are essential tips to ensure success in the industry. With the right strategy, networking, and support, you can be a successful real estate investor in no time. Let these tips guide you as you take on the world of real estate investment and become financially secure for life.

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