Top 4 Project Management Tools to Consider

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With all the digital tools out there, managing and finishing projects with maximum efficiency have become significantly easier to achieve. There are a ton of resources that are readily accessible to anyone who wants to.

But because of the sheer amount of options, it can be intimidating and challenging as well. If you’re managing a project right now and unsure which tools can give your productivity the highest boost, don’t worry. Here are the top four project management tools to maximize your efficiency.


Evernote is a cross-platform application that can serve as a storage place for your digital files, something to take notes with, and a project management tool.

There are a lot of benefits to using Evernote. Among them is the ability to use it in tandem with a lot of different applications. It has extensions to use with your internet browser, allowing you to save entire pages quickly with just a couple of clicks. It has an email tool that lets you forward any type of content straight to one of your notebooks in the app.

For project management, the ability to create different notebooks for various projects and always have access to them is an excellent feature. You can even present your notes to the people you work with without needing to create a single slide presentation.

Microsoft OneNote

Another note-taking tool that takes it to the next level, Microsoft OneNote can also be a personal planner and a project management tool. It’s also accessible using any kind of device or operating system.

Around 87 percent of the world’s personal computers run one type of Microsoft OS according to PC World. That gives OneNote a clear advantage, too, since it’s part of the Office 365 Suite of applications. For one, it makes storing and sharing files over the cloud easier.

One of the best features OneNote offers is the ability to add multimedia content to your notes. It also recognizes spoken words that can be translated into notes and later presented to other contributors.

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Are you managing several projects at the same time? The ServiceNow Portfolio Management application lets you create portfolios that store related demands, programs, and projects. Through this application, you can track schedules, risks, costs, issues, and progress of every project you have.

You can also assign different people to manage various projects, programs, and portfolios.

This application is ideal for managing large-scale projects that have several stakeholders and span long periods. That is perfect for companies wanting to maximize their productivity and efficiency.


If security is one of your concerns, Huddle should be one of your top project management tools. It’s an application that is being used by both governments of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Its cloud collaboration system allows the sharing of files, monitoring of tasks, and project management in a completely secure way over the internet.

Huddle is also available on computers and other devices.

Project management has become so much easier with the latest tools available. Even these days, when face-to-face collaboration is often out of the picture, managing projects can still be efficient. Make the most of every project by using these top four tools.

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