Top Creative Outlets That Will Open Business Opportunities for You

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Take a look at Instagram. If the number of new business pages there is any indication, it only means that people somehow found a way to earn amid the pandemic. How did you spend yours? Andi is a single mother who, during the height of the lockdown measures, decided to go into embroidery again. She loved it when she was in her teens. But as she gets preoccupied with a lot of more important things, she slowly forgot about her passion for embroidery.

During a particularly bad time while in lockdown, she thinks she found her calling again. She ordered an embroidery kit online. When she started doing it again, it almost felt like she never stopped. Why did she forget about it in the first place? People need a creative outlet. Whether you do cross-stitch or write or paint or garden, find something to take your mind off your troubles.

And who knows? Maybe these skills of yours will pave the way for you to start your own business. You have always wanted to be self-employed. This could be the best time for you. Imagine how ironic it is to start your dream in the middle of these extraordinary times. So, what are some of the creative outlets that people did during the pandemic and turned into a business?


Do you love to draw, paint, sketch, and illustrate? It’s a great creative outlet. While sketching, you’ll forget a lot about your worries. It’s comforting to create something from your hand; to see it come to life.

If you want to get into business, think about your market. If you are targeting adults, you can use your skills to sketch a wedding photo. Children love coloring, so you can also create your very own children’s coloring books. This could be a long-term business and not just something you do when the times get tough.


guitar lessonsOnline music lessons are a booming industry. Who knew that in 2020, parents would have to watch their children get bored in their homes? Aren’t there a host of extracurricular activities kids do these days? The pandemic, of course, is the culprit as to why kids can’t even attend face-to-face music lessons.

Do you play the guitar, piano, harp, violin, or any other musical instrument? It would help if you started playing again. Music is good for your soul. But why not turn this creative outlet into something from which you can earn? You can offer online lessons to kids as young as you can manage to teach. It’s a profitable business venture as parents want to raise musically-inclined kids. ;


Personalized products have a huge market. You’ll be surprised at the number of people who want to embroider their names on everything. Whether it’s the kitchen apron or their kids’ bows, people are willing to pay for the service. If you love to do embroidery as a business, start by posting your creations on social media. Make sure to attract potential clients by showing how you’re actually making them. You don’t want them to think you’re commissioning someone else to do it.

The good thing about doing embroidery is that the repetitive movement will make you forget about whatever it is that you’re currently dealing with. A detail-oriented project such as a stack of embroidered kitchen apron will demand your full attention. That gives your mind the rest it needs.


The most popular creative outlet is to sit in front of your laptop and write away. You don’t have to be a great writer to make this a creative outlet. Write your thoughts without a care in the world. No one would see or read that anyway. Sometimes, with all the anxiety that has been bothering you, writing your feelings down is therapeutic.

However, if you decide to turn this into a business, make sure you have the necessary writing skills to command the fee that you want. You can enroll in a short online course or apply as an intern in a publishing company. The knowledge you will gain from these experiences will make you a better writer; one who can meet the goals of the clients.

There is nothing more anxiety-inducing than the pandemic, so you have to find a creative outlet that can take your mind off your worries. And if it leads to a new business venture, then why not? In a world forever altered by this health crisis, it is incredibly important to stand on your own toes and build yourself from the ground.

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