Top Ways to Build a Successful and Fulfilling Career


Becoming successful in their chosen career is everybody’s dream. Whether you are in your current job because of money or you’re looking for fulfillment and purpose, you want to climb up the ladder fast to achieve your goals while earning more at the same time. It is when you can say that you have nothing more to ask for in terms of career success.

While we have different definitions and metrics for success, we know that it can be easy or difficult to become successful in our jobs, depending on the approach we will use. For example, some people can get promoted quickly or earn several times higher than their expected salary if they do some “fishy or malicious” things. But that comes with a lot of consequences that can ruin their future.

Success is never complete without fulfillment. You must be successful, happy, fulfilled, and guilt-free at the same time. Here’s how you can achieve all that:

Don’t be a “kiss ass” employee

We all have seen one in our entire career. An annoying kiss ass employee who always says yes to the boss and follows every order usually becomes the favorite. Following orders and saying yes are perfectly fine, but you need to learn how to say no, defend your reasons, and stand your ground. Doing what you’re asked to do even if you know it’s bad is not a good thing. If you think your boss’ order or decision is questionable, voice it out and explain your side. Make sure it will be a healthy discussion instead of a heated conversation. Always remember to act professionally.

There are better ways to succeed without being a kiss ass employee. You might get promoted immediately or receive favors, but you will never be happy in the workplace with that kind of setup. You will lose your friends in the office and you will have a bad reputation.

Work hard and work smart

Working hard and smart is a more effective and proper approach to becoming successful in your career. Always remember that the bosses know your contribution, and they know how to give back. They would know if you’re working hard and trying your best to perform your duties and responsibilities. Show them how efficient and dedicated you are to your job. Efficiency, proactiveness, presence, and social skills will take your career to greater heights.

Working smart means doing what is expected of you and more. If there’s a need to take on more responsibilities, and they are assigned to you, accept and embrace the challenge. Consider it a huge investment that will appreciate in the future. Be proactive; you’re your company’s programs and activities. Join committees and be active in helping your colleagues. Being friendly or approachable can go a long way in building a strong foundation for your career growth.

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Don’t mess with the law

If you want to be successful and happy, don’t do something that you will regret in the future. Never engage in unlawful practices, especially when you are inside the work premises. Stealing, assaulting someone, and other crimes are a no-brainer; you know you should not commit them. But there are unlawful things that you might not know you are doing, or you think is not so serious.

For example, a non-disclosure agreement prohibits you to disclose to other parties any sensitive company information, such as trade secrets, clients, standard operating procedures, and strategic plans. If you get caught, your employer may fire you and file a case against you. A qualified subpoena server will serve you the documents regarding your case, and it’s never a good situation.

Always try to be a law-abiding citizen. It could only take a single mistake to ruin everything you’ve worked hard for. Never commit a crime inside and outside your office.

Don’t cheat or harm others

You can’t go wrong when you follow the golden rule. Never cheat just to get what you want because karma knows no name, and it can strike anytime. It’s best to achieve your goals through your hard work, perseverance, and dedication. They say success is sweeter if you worked hard for it. There’s no reason to harm others or cheat because if you work hard and work harmoniously with other people, you can achieve your goals.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to become successful in your career. As long as your conscience is clean and you know that you are doing your best every day, you will have a successful and fulfilling career. Don’t stop nurturing your talents, gaining new skills, and working on your social and professional relationships. The fruit of your labor will be sweet.

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