Turning Your Home Into an Outdoor Oasis

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With more people focusing on the importance of living green, it’s no surprise many homeowners are taking an interest in making their homes reflect the outdoors. From creating vine walls to filling your house with vibrant plants, incorporating nature into your home is a great way to transform your space, making it greener, fresher, and a fantastic mood-booster.

To help you transform your humble abode into the ultimate outdoor oasis, here are six ways you can bring the outdoors inside, enhancing space, and improving the overall layout.

Fill Your Home with Plants

The most common, simple, yet impactful way of bringing the outdoors into your home is by filling your living space with potted plants and fresh flowers. Besides adding freshness to your home, doing this purifies your air indoors and lower stress levels.

If you’re new to taking care of indoor plants, it’s best to use easy-to-care plants like bamboo, spider plants, aloe vera, peace lilies, and ferns. You can complete the outdoor vibe by constructing small vinyl fences around large potted plants or trees with the help of a vinyl fence contractor.

Use Colors Inspired by the Outdoors

If you’re looking to create a space reminiscent of the great outdoors, it’s best to redecorate your home using colors inspired by nature. Neutral tones like tan and beige are perfect for this, making your home feel and look more natural, clean, and fresh. You can incorporate these colors on your walls, beddings, or window coverings.

Cultivate a ‘Living Wall’

wall with plants

If you don’t have the means to fill your home with plants, settle for a more intimate living plant wall. This idea allows you to bring in the serenity of a lush garden indoors with ease. You can craft a personal living wall at home by hanging up ceramic pots holding your favorite houseplants, or go for a simple approach and place a slab of vibrant green moss, giving you a gorgeous accent wall instantly.

Although you can build yours on any wall in your home, if you’re looking for a less permanent option, craft it on a free-standing wood panel. But no matter how you build it or what plants you use, it’s a great and fresh take on bringing nature under your roof.

Use Elements Found in Nature for Home Decoration

Another great strategy to follow when considering transforming your home into a living oasis is using natural materials like stone or wood. A great thing about this trend is that you can find any of these natural elements outside your home and doesn’t require much effort to recreate. For instance, using a large wooden slab as an accent piece in your living room or building a stone washbasin is a chic, simple, and refined way of incorporating organic elements in your home.

Additionally, straw, rocks, seashells, and even sand are excellent materials you can use for interior decor, and you can easily find them outdoors.

Entice Your Senses with Outdoor Cues

If you want to make your home into a genuine outdoor oasis, you also need to provide the right feel or vibe besides the aesthetic. You can achieve this by placing earthy incense or floral potpourri scents around your home.

If you can’t live in the middle of nature, you can transform your home into an outdoor oasis with the tips mentioned in no time, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature indoors.

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