Types of Liquid Filling Machines and Their Applications

Liquid Jelly

Liquid filling machines are commonly used for dispensing liquid-based products like distilled water, carbonated drinks, alcohol beverages, perfume and pharmaceutical products into containers. Liquid filling machines are also utilized in packaging food items such as cooking oil, salad dressing, batter, soup and sauces. Liquid filling equipment can be set to fill the exact amount of product needed to be transferred to different containers such as bottles, cans, cartons, cups or plastic bags. Here are the common types of liquid filling equipment.

Manual Liquid Filling Machines

Manual liquid filling machines, as the name suggests, are operated manually and require no electricity or power source. Manual liquid filling machines are suitable for packaging liquids as well as creams, shampoos, gels and other products with medium viscosity. Manual fillers are ideal for small scale production or laboratories, providing increased accuracy and output speed compared to pouring by hand. Depending on the model, hand-operated liquid filling machines can fill bottles and vials containing up to 600ml of product, with production speed ranging between 15 and 900 bottles per hour.

Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

Semi-automatic volumetric filling machines operate faster than hand-powered filling machines. They are ideal for small to medium scale businesses and high-volume seasonal production. Semi-automatic fillers are typically designed with syringe, piston and nozzle parts to maintain zero-drip operation. Semi-automatic filling machines are ideal for packaging almost any type of liquid, including pharmaceutical, dairy, cleaning detergents and agricultural products. They are also suitable for packing viscose products like adhesives and liquids that contain small food particles. Some models of semi-automatic filling machines are designed with filling range between 5ml and 1000ml and production speed of up to 800 fillings per hour.

Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machines


Automatic liquid filling machines are used by companies with large-scale operations and high-production requirements. Automatic liquid fillers are typically accompanied by variable speed conveyor systems. They can be used in packaging all viscosity liquids and liquids containing food products. PLC feature of fully automatic filling machines allow manufacturers to configure the machine according to their required volume and type container used per product. Some fully automatic liquid filling machines can be added with filling heads to increase production rates. Depending on the model, automated liquid filling machines can be set to fill 5ml to 10 liters of product and produce up to 120 bottles per minute.

Inline Liquid Filling Machines

Inline liquid filling machines fills up containers that are arranged in a single file along the conveyor system. This type of filling machine can dispense liquid, semi-liquid, low and high-viscosity products in different sizes and shapes of containers. Inline fillers are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses but some models are scalable, allowing manufacturers to add filling heads to speed up production speed. Inline filling machines can be used in dispensing food, dairy and cosmetics products.

Rotary Liquid Filling Machines

Rotary filling machines move containers in a circular stations, with each station having a specific function such as filling, sealing and capping. Rotary filling machines are commonly used in the automotive, food, beverage, home and personal care industries.

Liquid filling machines are essential in the manufacturing process. Being part of the product assembly line system, liquid filling equipment promote speed, accuracy and efficiency of the assembly line, which in effect will allow manufacturers to meet their production targets.

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