Understanding and Appreciating the Real-Life Applications of Physics


Back in high school, you may think that physics is just another core science elective that you should take. Concepts, such as vectors and momentum, and complicated formulas might be making your head spin. You might have even brought to believe that this particular course has no real-life applications, thus compelling you to believe that there is no reason to take it. But as you grow and mature, you will realize that physics is all around you. That it governs all the activities you are involved in. Everything you do has an explanation. Maybe it is time to appreciate the very aspect and benefits of this discipline.

But to appreciate it further, you will need a set of real examples where physics is very much obvious. There is a lot out there that this article will not be able to accommodate them. If you are seeking to understand and appreciate the benefits of physics, you are reading the right guide. Here are some of the things you might find interesting.

The Design of the Vehicles

Human transportation has come a long way. From carriages to steam-powered cars and engines, you can easily say that technology has made a lot of progress. But this progress has only happened because of some realizations concerning physical rules. For one, the shape of the cars, planes, boats, and trains are made based on their interactions with fluids, such as air and water. The designs of brakes, wheels, and engines are also based on certain principles, such as speed and friction.

The GPS and Messaging

Life was entirely different long before Albert Einstein proposed the theories of relativity. But as time progressed, everyone realized the feasibility and strong points of his theories. Mainly, the theories tackle gravity and the way it influences the surrounding objects. They have even predicted the existence of black hole. Through these theories, time dilation was discussed—the variance between perceptions of time. This particular concept has made text messaging and GPS accurate by removing delays and synchronizing the perceptions of time between two observers.

Fluid Mechanics

Using water pressure to create power

The world is filled with fluids, from air to water and other viscous materials. The behaviors of these things are important for managing them, especially when it comes to creating water turbines and managing petroleums and oils. Coming up with designs for electromagnetic flow meters has become more accurate because of this discipline. Designing tubes and dealing with osmotic properties of fluids have also become much easier.

The benefits of physics are all around you. And it only takes some careful and painstaking effort to notice them. Maybe you can take some time to look at the world and try to figure out how the world works. When you notice them, you will feel amazed, which is the start of your appreciation. If you want to learn more about it, there will always be free resources online to look for. Some of them are even in video format, which makes learning truly easy.

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