Warm it Up: Installing Floor Heating in Your Facilities

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Some factories and warehouses, depending on the products they manufacture and store, often maintain a low temperature inside their facilities. This is due to some restrictions to ensure the quality of the products.  But these same facilities have some ways to keep their staff and personnel warm.

Some use specialized HVAC systems and component heating systems, while others encourage their employees to wear insulated uniforms. But there are other more efficient ways to make the facility comfortably warm, and you can use it for the long term: heated floors. An in-floor heating system is a facility upgrade that can help make any warehouse a comfortable place. Some systems are easy to install, but if you are covering a large area, you might need professional help to lay it down.

Installing heaters onto the floor can be a good way to control room temperature, but before you do it, there are things that you need to keep in mind to make sure that the heating system and the component heaters will be installed properly.

Choose the right flooring heating system

Not all in-floor heating systems are created equal. There are varieties and that there are many ways to install them. If you have a small facility and you are installing the heaters yourself, make sure to follow the instructions and that your facility meets the minimum requirements. Otherwise, your heating system could give you problems, which could even compromise the safety of your employees.

Check measurements

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Do not assume that floor heaters have definite sizes. You have to see to it that your heating system would suit the size of your floors and much of the heat will not be wasted. Find the right measurement suitable for your warehouse floors so you will also be able to decide on the heater size. If you have assumed wrong and you get a heater size that is too small for your area, the heating will be inefficient.

Hire professionals only

Some floor heating installations might be more complicated than you could handle, so it’s best that you hire professionals to install these things. If there are complex features in your heating system, it’s best to hire reliable heating professionals.

Test the heaters

Once the heaters are installed, make sure to test the entire system. If there are glitches and minor problems, you can ask for the specialist to address them right away. Testing is also essential before finally installing the heaters. You should also make sure to check the warranty, especially the duration, the kinds of technical problems it covers, and the places where you could find repair or maintenance services.

Though there are other ways you could provide heating for your facility, a floor heating system can be a beneficial long-term investment. Installing in-floor heaters in your factory and warehouse will make any area more comfortable for your staff and workers. When your employees and personnel are comfortable, you can expect that there will be a rise in productivity, efficiency, and eventually an increase in profits. When businesses focus on their employees, it’s a certainty that profits will follow.

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