Ways to Lighten the Burden of Working Moms

Working mom

Working mothers are a creature of constant motion. Every second is action-packed, whether it’s to fetch the kids from school or cook dinner. Many mothers describe motherhood as a full-time job, but if you add work on top of that, it’s basically suicide.

But you don’t have to die. At least not now. If you are a working mother struggling to keep her head above the water, here are things you can do to lighten the burden and get a chance to breathe:

1. Prepare meals in advance

Imagine a weekday morning when you should prepare breakfast. All you have to do is pull out a container from the fridge, get a premade sandwich, heat it in the microwave, and proceed to feed your family. It’s a dream come true. It cuts the entire morning hustle time in half. On your least busy day, set aside time to prepare meals for the coming week, preferably meals that can be stored for long and heated up quickly.

2. Get help with cleaning

It doesn’t make anyone less of a good mother if she gets some help with cleaning or any other household chores. You can hire a part-time helper, but it can be pretty hard to look for someone trustworthy. A good solution to your messy problem is a cleaning company. For example, there are companies that offer cleaning services in Salt Lake City. You can hire and pay them on an hourly or monthly basis. The good thing about working with these companies is that you can be assured that your property and belongings will stay safe.

3. Create a family calendar

Was the electric bill due today? Did I pay for the Internet this month? In the hustle and bustle of balancing family and work life, it’s easy to forget important dates and events. A family calendar, prominently displayed somewhere you can easily see, can help. Note birthdays, due dates, events, even chores. This way, everyone, including your babysitters, stays updated on family events. You can also use a calendar app if you find that it works for you better.

4. Find the best time to spend quality time

Mom with her child

Working mothers are plagued with guilt that they’re not spending enough time with their kids. One way to deal with this is to set aside time to spend quality time with your family. Maybe it’s Friday nights or weekends. Schedule time for an activity that your family enjoys doing together. It can be a board game, sport, movie marathon, and trip abroad once in a while.

It’s also important to catch up with your kids regularly. Look them in the eyes and ask about their days, their lives in school, or their friends. It’s important for them to know that no matter how busy you are, they are at the top of your priority list.

If you are a working mother, be proud of what you are doing for your family. Although it can be challenging and makes you want to disappear at times, working smart and using brilliant life hacks can save you time, effort, and energy.

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