What to Do When You’re Charged with a DUI Fault

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When you are found guilty of a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) offense, a traffic survival school in Arizona and other states can help you restore your driving privileges and obtain the permission to reinstate your driver’s license. To learn more about the program, consider reading the following information.

What You Should Know About DUI

Police officers in Arizona and most states in America conduct breathalyzer tests as part of their responsibilities. If you refuse the test, you could face serious consequences, which will be filed against you by the law enforcers.

The authorities have the necessary administration of a warrant for the suspected driver to submit to testing. Most drivers regard the DUI offense as a minor violation, but you should not underestimate the significance of your DUI conviction. The consequences of a DUI verdict can become long-term issues when you don’t take it seriously.

For your peace of mind, while driving on the road, you can talk to your personal lawyer to become aware of your legal rights before you are stopped or charged with a DUI offense.

What to Do When Stopped for DUI in Arizona

  • You can remain silent until you get your lawyer because it’s your right.
  • Refrain from admitting anything when your lawyer is not present; never tell lies.
  • Contact your attorney immediately.
  • You have the right to obtain your own independent blood test; this will serve as a back-to-back sample and will allow you to protect yourself as the defendant.
  • It’s better to wait for your lawyer before they do the tests; but if it’s your first time, it’s okay to submit yourself to a test.

Requesting release from custody for an independent blood test is your right to prove your innocence. The authorities are expected to do timely release; if they fail, it could help you in defending your case.

Consequences of DUI

  • You will be under probation.
  • Your country jail may ask you to render some jail time.
  • Your driver’s license will be suspended for a specified period.
  • Your expenses will increase — paying a significant fine, court costs, probation levies, and urinalysis costs.
  • Some states require the condemned to attend community service hours or undergo comprehensive drug and alcohol advocating.

Your felony offense will be elevated when you committed DUI offense while driving with a child in your vehicle. The necessary action will be taken against you by the law authorities. According to most individuals at fault, their total expenses following a DUI conviction may be comparatively equivalent to a new small car payment.

What You’ll Learn from a Traffic Survival School

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A TSS class aims to educate you on how to dodge confrontational traffic circumstances. The session runs for 8 hours, discussing principles of safe driving. The program includes the following:

  • Traffic laws of the state
  • What you must do and the right attitude as a driver
  • Providing safety precautions

You must accomplish the eight-hour classroom assembly within 60 days from the date that you received a letter from MVD — the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division.

The TSS class will just consume a small amount of time in your life. It’s better to follow the laws of the state for you to continue having a peaceful life and drive with confidence again.

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