Why Do Some Marriages Lead to Divorce?


Couples can get divorced at any time in their relationship, no matter how long they’ve been together. Similar to marriage, divorce is a collective experience shared by a lot of couples.

Although having healthy marriages are suitable for the family’s mental and physical health, there are times when relationships don’t work out the way they want it to be. But why does it happen?

Why couples grow apart

Divorce doesn’t happen instantaneously. Often, there are reasons the couples’ connection leads to breaking up.

There are times when couples will have indifferences at some point in their relationship. Although most of them get resolved, there are a few issues that will cause them to grow apart over time. These microcracks in their relationship will soon grow until, eventually, they start to grow apart.

Having these unresolved issues is one of the most common reasons a lot of couples split, even at a later stage in their life. Most of the time, it’s the growing occurrences of dissatisfaction that cause it to happen. But there are times when one person often feels like they’re always the one who has to give up a lot of things to make the relationship work.

The issue with money

couple arguing in front of child

Dissatisfaction isn’t the only factor that can cause a couple to go on separate ways — money can be an underlying cause of it, too. There are times when differences when it comes to handling money can cause a break-up between couples. That’s not to mention financial difficulties that either of them has, too. If one of them is fond of spending while the other one forces to save, then it can be a reason for the other party to get fed up with the situation.

Living in constant worries about finances can be stressful. Often, this stress can cause the couple to fight more, which leads them to hire a divorce lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah or wherever they got married. Keep in mind that there are other expenses you need to worry about when you’re in a relationship. It’s even more difficult when you have kids. Apart from your kid’s daily needs, you also have to worry about paying for their education. College tuition can eat up a considerable amount of your finances, which can lead to couples dealing with huge debts.

Couples aren’t naturally compatible

You may have felt ecstatic when you first exchanged vows with one another. But feeling happy during the ceremony doesn’t mean that it’ll be smooth sailing later on. There are times when you don’t merely share the same thoughts when it comes to the big decisions in life. These indifferences can cause friction in your relationship as the years past. This could be the case that you and your spouse aren’t naturally compatible.

If you feel like your relationship is going down a slippery slope but feels like you can still salvage it, it’s best to ask help through a couple’s therapy. Doing so might help you save your relationship as well as your family, too. Otherwise, you can consult with a local divorce lawyer to know your legal options.

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