Why Having Water Tanks in Your Property is a Wise Idea

residential water tanks

Water tanks have long been used in residential, commercial, and agricultural properties across Australia for many decades. Given that rain doesn’t visit the country too often, tanks serve as lifelines in times of dry spell, droughts, and other emergencies when water is an absolute necessity.

It’s no wonder there are companies that specialize in making large water tanks using some of the best high-quality welding rotators for sale on the market. These machines allow the fabricator to effortlessly turn the tank around for a nice and seamless weld. These companies then sell the water tanks to owners of businesses, residential properties, and farms across the country.

But what are the reasons to consider parting with your hard-earned money to buy a water tank and have it installed in your property? Here are five of its common applications that make buying one a wise idea:

Irrigation supply for gardens and plant crops

Whether you have a landscaped garden or some agricultural crops, the sure thing is that you need a readily available source of water for your plants or crops. Sure, you could always use the local water supply for such purpose, but what if the time comes when the supply gets scarce or worse, cut off? A water tank is an answer to such a scenario.

Toilet flushing and bathing

You need water daily to flush the toilet. Without such a basic facility, you run the risk of getting sick or just turning your house into a stinking mess. Every week, you could consume an average of 200 litres or more just by flushing your toilet, depending on your daily consumption and how many family members you have.

Meanwhile, bathing regularly is a basic hygienic routine that all of us have to do to keep ourselves clean, presentable, and healthy. A few days without water to use for bathing will surely make us smell bad, plus we could develop skin diseases in the process.

Accordingly, you should consider your weekly water consumption for toilet use and bathing when deciding how big your water tank should be to ensure that you’ll have ample water in case of emergency.

Washing the dishes and your clothes

We regularly wash the dishes and our clothes so we can re-use them. Without a steady water supply, we can’t do both. In extreme instances, water supply from the local utility provider could go south and lead to rationing. With a water tank, you won’t be dependent on such a source so you can perform these two common household chores.


bottled water being poured in a glass

Drinking water is a basic means of nourishing one’s body. You can last for three weeks without food, but you can only last up to four days without drinking water.

Dehydration or being devoid of water can be a fatal condition. In extreme heat, our bodies can sweat as much as 1.5 litres in an hour, which can lead to massive body fluid decline. Our blood volume could also drop to dangerous levels and lead to extremely low blood pressure that could then cause death.

Simply put, drinking water is critical to our survival on a daily basis.


Be it an accidental fire or a drought that makes water hard to come by, a water tank can provide the necessary volume of water for emergencies. And it doesn’t matter if you own a commercial establishment, a livestock farm, or a typical household, such emergency situations will require you to act fast. You can do so when you have a large enough water tank installed in your property.

With the many uses of water tanks, having one installed in your property becomes not a question of if, but when. Choose now.

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