Why Use a Cloud-Based Document Management System

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Technology has revolutionized the way we work, introducing emails, instant messaging, and even virtual workspaces. One aspect of office work that has been changed by technology is the way we share and store documents.

Previously, documents would be printed out and archived in a filing cabinet. Today, with space becoming an increasingly precious resource and sustainability a factor in many business goals, the cloud-based document management system is the new norm, allowing all documents to be stored online, from which multiple people can be given access to the file. This has flipped the traditional model on its head, giving credence to the term “less is more.”

Here are some of the benefits of using such a system for managing your company documents:

Improves ease of access for newcomers

Typically, if you hired a new employee, you would have to turn over hundreds of sheets worth of project files. Worse, you might not even have any documents for your new employee to study, and he or she will be forced to learn the ropes by playing along. This might require more supervision or training, which takes away from both the employee’s and the manager’s time — time that could have been better spent performing on the job.

With cloud-based document management systems, you can have your new employee read up and get familiarized with the workings of the company even before the start date. Thus, it becomes much easier to integrate this newbie into a company project or to give them tasks and responsibilities right away.

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Allows for efficient handling of documents

Normally, if there was a document that was being asked for, you would sift through hundreds of files and folders in order to find what you are looking for. Cloud-based systems allow you to do this in seconds by simply typing keywords into a search box. This also helps reduce the possibility of having important documents getting lost among the clutter.

One big advantage of cloud-based systems is that it allows all employees access to the relevant files. Thus, there is no excuse for one not to know what is happening with regards to a project or development. This not only promotes productivity and efficiency in the office but transparency and accountability as well.

Contributes to sustainability

Having all documents online for everyone to access reduces the need of having to print each one. Thus, instead of printing multiple copies of a document for multiple people, you may simply send the document to all concerned. This allows the company to save thousands of sheets of paper per year, as well as reduces the amount of clutter in the office.

Cloud-based systems also make revisions and approvals quicker and more sustainable. Whereas people would typically have to print out a new version of the same document each time for approval, now they can make the changes, send the revisions, and have them approved all within a few minutes. This allows a great amount of time, effort, and resources to be instead dedicated to planning and implementing activities that would help grow the business.

Having an organized and efficient way of storing your documents can do wonders for your company’s productivity. Not only that, but cloud-based systems also allow for ease of sharing, making it easier for employees to be informed of what is going on, thereby putting them in a better position to contribute to the company. This democratization of information in your office will thus only serve to empower your employees and benefit your company in the long run.

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