May 27, 2019

Approved mortgage loan application

You Are Not Your Credit

While homeownership is almost everyone’s dream, there are several steps before you can open the door to your new home. One of the actions that prove the hardest for homebuyers is the acquisition of a mortgage. There are multiple elements that determine whether or not you get the mortgage or the terms your lender will

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A close-up of an APPROVED Personal Loan Application document.

How to Qualify for a USDA Loan

Making your dream home a reality is often an expensive undertaking. A typical house in Orem, Utah costs around an average of $300 000. Not many people have that much cash lying around. It’s made even worse when that’s what it costs to buy the items, not maintain them. It’s no surprise then that most

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Advertising campaign promote branding marketing concept

Types of Images Used for Digital Marketing

For a long time, marketing on multiple platforms involved the use of text to convey the benefits of a product or service. More and more consumers are, however, now visual, and text will not suffice for any business aiming to reach them. Images are currently the best-performing form of advertising on different platforms. A significant

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Proper Gardening: What Have You Been Doing Wrong?

In light of the food security situation around the world, it makes sense why some homeowners prefer to grow food in their gardens. Also, when homeowners grow their food, they can be sure of the quality of their food supply. However, there are chances that most homeowners have taken in ill advice on this subject,

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