Types of Images Used for Digital Marketing

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For a long time, marketing on multiple platforms involved the use of text to convey the benefits of a product or service. More and more consumers are, however, now visual, and text will not suffice for any business aiming to reach them. Images are currently the best-performing form of advertising on different platforms. A significant recent rise in image-sharing social media sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram has been reported. This does not, however, mean that any image you post on these platforms will have customers trooping to your site.

A digital marketing services expert in Phoenix is essential when using images for your business to guarantee you reap returns. The expert will give you an insight into which types of images will impact your digital marketing returns based on your budget, platform, and brand. The following are among the image types that might work for your digital marketing.

Professional Photos

A professional photo can transform even a bland product into one that consumers cannot wait to lay their hands on. You might assume that this means a significant investment for your business, but it is far from it. High-quality photographs nowadays do not cost so much more so if you get them in batches. You can then share different photos from your batch over some time with your target market until you have others taken.


Infographics are immensely popular on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. They are long-form images that illustrate various concepts and are easy to repost and link to your website. Customized infographics are the ideal choice for companies. You can create some that include your business’ logo or name at the bottom so that you get the due credit for their origination and make it easy for people to find you.

‘’Snackable’’ Images

The recent redesign for Facebook’s timeline focuses on the images on the platform’s News Feed Stream. Pinterest also has images that can be prominently featured in its aggregated feed. These formats will allow the use of ‘’snackable’’ or small images. The images are generally illustration-based or informational and smaller compared to the long-form and large images used for infographics. A few will include a miniature tutorial to boost the engagement of clients with your brand further. These images have been proven to generate a lot of shares and likes on Facebook and Pinterest.

Meme-Related Images

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Meme-Related are among the most popular images across different sites. You can create meme-related images for your products and services and share them with your online clients. You can also use your photos to create unique memes or ask your followers to caption your photos and make their memes. This will make them feel like a huge part of your online marketing efforts.

Creating the best of the above images is costly and might take some time. Once uploaded, however, these images will guarantee the fastest returns in online marketing. This is because they are easy to share, earn your audience’s trust, and makes your content memorable. Images are also the best choice for link building to your website and boosting your site’s search engine optimization.

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