September 29, 2021

online business concept

Starting an Online Business? Here’s Why You Should Buy One Instead

More people are choosing to start a business than live the remainder of their lives as corporate sales. The year 2021 showed an unprecedented increase in resignation among mid-career employees. One of the possible reasons was the financial challenges and unexpected layoffs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. People have to consider other ways to earn

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social media platform

How Does Social Recruiting Works?

Are you surprised that social media is taking over conventional recruiting methods even in the field of recruitment? Forget about submitting copies of curriculum vitae in person. Since the early 2000s, people have been using online job boards to post job announcements and apply for positions in different companies. This process makes jobs more accessible

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Should You Go for a Jack of All Trades or an Industry Expert?

Among your crucial roles as a new business leader is choosing and hiring the right staff members to help your company grow. Without the right people to do the job, your startup would cease to exist. These individuals will not only take part in day-to-day business operations efficiently, but they will likewise act as the

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