A Speeding Ticket Can Ruin Your Life

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Speed limits can get on your nerves, especially when you’re running late for a life-changing appointment that sees your life change for the better muses a leading supplier of stalker radar guns. These limits only serve to keep you longer on the road, increasing the risk of getting late for your meeting.

Without the limits, you could floor the pedal and make it with time to spare. As inconveniencing as the limits, they may be, you should know that they aren’t just put there to oppress you. They are heavily researched control put there to reduce road accidents, and that’s why ignoring them carries a hefty price tag.

Costly speeding tickets

The Department of Transport in each state is responsible for imposing speed limits on the state-maintained roads. The 85th percentile speed, the speed at which 85 percent of the drivers would choose on their own, is the first factor to be considered. Other important factors include the traffic volume, number of lanes, accident history, and road conditions such as curves and hills.

Going against these carefully laid considerations not only puts your life in danger but those of other road users as well. The average cost of speeding cost of a speed ticket including the court fee is about $150. However, this amount varies among states and is dependent on the speed you were clocked at – naturally, high speed lead to costlier tickets.

Loss of driving privilege

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It might come as a surprise, but the ability to get behind the wheel of a car and head to any corner of the country amounts to a privilege. As with any privilege, you must prove that you’re indeed worthy. Going to a driving school and getting your license poses the first hurdle to joining the elite class of motorist.

If you’re a lead-footed driver, you are likely to have your license suspended, or revoked by the state in addition to being slapped with steep fines. Every time you get a ticket, you get demerit points on your driving record. Accumulating too many points leads the state to suspend your driving license.

Loss of income

It’s easy to ignore the implication of speeding on the road until its too late. In addition to the fine, you will suffer other forms of punishment, some of which will stick with you for life. For instance, depending on high you were going about the speed limit, the judge might impose a huge fine as well as a short stint in county lockup.

And that’s where things take an unexpected turn. Not only will you have a criminal record, but the time behind bars might cost you your job. Now you will have to look for a new one with a newly minted criminal record hanging over your head.

It’s tempting to put your foot down and floor the car to test its performance at high speeds and save on time. Unfortunately, such plans tend to fall apart when a traffic cop clocks you for speeding. The speeding ticket that results can set off a chain of unfortunate event that can prove ruinous.

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