Documents to Prepare for Your Divorce

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A divorce is a complicated process. Some people think that it is just signing the papers and ensuring the people involved get their due. However, to do all of that will require some legal negotiations and examination. This is why it is never recommended to do a divorce without a lawyer.

When you’ve got a lawyer, you still need to provide them with the information that they need. This usually comes in the form of a variety of documents. At its heart, divorce is all about money and assets. A Santa Fe divorce lawyer, or any other lawyer for that matter, is mainly there to help you get what you deserve. This can range from property to spousal support. This is why most of these documents are financial. When you make that first visit to your lawyer, better bring the following so that you can get started as soon as possible:

Income Documents

One of the first things that you should present is your income documents. These are usually what the alimony decision is based on. If you can show that you earn much less than your partner, you might be qualified to get spousal support. This is why paycheck stubs and the actual paychecks can be vital if you are employed. Add your tax returns to that pile to further show your income.

If you are self-employed or run a business, then things can get a bit more complicated. You will need to present ledgers that show your earnings and expenses. Financial statements would also be essential to show your earnings every month.

Real Estate Papers

The biggest asset that any married couple could have is their home. You and your partner might also have other properties as investments, though. Real estate is expensive and can be worth much when it is time to divide the assets. You might be able to protect them by showing that you owned the property before the marriage.

Besides ownership, you will also need to provide the documents that show their financing. If you took out a mortgage to buy your property and it is still unpaid, then the debt will be shared.

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Documents on Debts

Debts are the other matter that needs to be discussed when it comes to divorce. When you are married, you share both assets and liabilities. So if your partner has a debt hanging over their heads, you might end up paying it. If you prove that the debt was done without your knowledge, then you might be able to convince the court to have your spouse pay it fully.

Investment Documents

Investments and assets like your 401K and others are supposed to be untouched until your old age. However, you might need to give your partner a cut if they contributed to it.


Finally, pre-nuptial agreements might bind you to a particular scheme of sharing with your spouse. Bring it to your lawyer to see if there are any loopholes and what can you do about it.

When your lawyer has all the tools they need, it will be much easier for you to get your divorce to run smoothly. Ultimately, the goal is to have a smooth and painless divorce. With the right documents, your attorney can make that possible.

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