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Landscaping is a constant concern for those who know plants. For home and building owners, autumn and winter offer the time to plan for the following year’s plants. In Kingsport, companies providing commercial landscaping services understand that trees have to be planted before the snow and that any planning for spring and summer must start as early as November.

Time to Take Root

Plants need time to grow. There is a big demand for greens during spring and summer, but these have to be sturdy plants by then. To have that, grass, shrubs, and trees have to be planted in the fall. This will provide time for these plants to grow roots before spring and summer. By then the roots will be able to draw water from the soil. Planting in spring gives plants a short time to grow roots. The result is small roots that are inadequate for the summer heat. These roots will not be able to withstand the dry soil of summer.

If you have a variety of plants, you can schedule planting them at the optimum time; plant mums camellias, narcissus, and azaleas in November. You should also consider repotting some perennials. Doing so will protect the plants from the frost and cold temperature. There will be less need to water plants when the weather turns cold.

Pruning and Cleaning

Pruning is best done when the trees and shrubs are dormant. Trees “sleep” through the cold weather and save their energy. The pruning wounds will also dry up and heal faster. It is also a good idea to transfer your plants to new containers and clean your other plants. Growth slows down when the roots have fully occupied the pots, and they will need to be repotted. Also, this would be a good time to clean those pots. With the soil cold and compacted, repotting plants will allow the use of loose soil. New soil in pots also has more nutrients for the plants. When plant roots have overgrown the container, there is practically no soil left and no more nutrients for the plants to feed on.

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For commercial buildings and establishments, lawns and gardens look barren and unkempt without proper landscaping and plant maintenance. Besides clearing the snow, there is a tendency for people to walk over the barren lawn, where the grass has receded. Stepping on the seeded lawn will put pressure on the developing blades of grass, which are still under the surface. This can cause damage to the yard even before the leaves show in spring.

In the end, while the weather is still cold, there are many things that you can do in preparation for spring. You should remember that doing these tasks now will lessen the work needed to be done after the frost thaws. Overall, cleaning, pruning, and planting ahead of time allows growth in the early part of spring and hardy plants during summer. Do not hesitate to do these things because your plants and lawn will thank you later.

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